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Hidden in the game is every ceo you"vefought so far, and they"re waiting for a rematch. Defeating both theirAlpha and Beta versions will unlock the defense cubes dotted aroundthe world.

Navi snapshot location FlashManα
Thisguy is hiding in ACDC 3. After ~ going down the stepsleading to the square, heading right and also down come the dead-end come fighthim.
The luckless Navi is hiding inSciLab 1. Go down from the Cyberstation to obtain there, then take first upper-tight path, and he"s in ~ the dead-end.
Oooh, he"s trying to beclever. He"s hiding top top a tiny walkway just below the bug Trader inYoko 1 (take the tiny walkways to gain there, no by going up thestairs in Yoka 2). He"s at the dead-end shown.
Hiding inBeach one. Take the left moving walkway, then the left again,and walk to this area. He"s in the middle square.
He provides his residence in thebottom-right that Undernet 4. Take the firstleft to with the dead-end he resides in.
He"s atthe appropriate of Undernet 5. Take the warp-pads and also then go upbefore the single arrow to reach him.
All that this dude"s variation areexactly wherein they alwaysare. In the N1 maker in the TV studio.
Get to the bug Trader in Undernet 6and step onto the square behindhim. Presto Drillsto.
In Secret1, usage the appropriate path from where you enter and then go down and also right.
On thetop level of an enig 2, behind the BugFrag trader Navi (take the firstwarp friend come across)

TheBeta Navis:These Navi"s are all arbitrarily within a particular area, and also sopictures room kinda pointless. Every you deserve to do is equip SneakRun to stopmost enemy encounters and then wander approximately until girlfriend run right into him.

Navi place
FlashManβ ACDC 2
BeastManβ Insidethe doghouse exterior Lan"s home.
BubbleManβ Beach 1when your wellness is critical.
DesertManβ The Inn TV
PlantManβ Hosp Comp3
FlamManβ Yoka 1
BowlManβ Sameplace as the Alpha variation
DrillManβ HadesIsland
DarkManβ Undernet 6
YamatoManβ Insidethe armour in the Inn
The Omega Navis

These Navi"s, prefer the Alpha ones, space only discovered in exactlocation. Remember come input the code presented in the Stars page to accessthem. All the Navi"s have actually several battles through Omega Viruses before youface the Navi itself.

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Navi snapshot place war
PrinciplesComp 2, in ~ the bottom the the karge area. 2 BunnyΩand one EleballΩ2 EleballΩ3 ElebeeΩ
Dex"sHomepage, on one of the bottom-most yellow panels. 3 MettaurΩMettaurΩ and also two HardHeadΩTwo FishyΩ
Go to ZooComp 3. Take the 2nd left. Once you reach the an initial platform, goup and to the dead end. 2 RattyΩSpikeyΩ and also 2 RattyΩ2 FishyΩ
Go toYoka 2. Head up the stairs. Take it the second left as you walk and also goacross a small walkway come a dead-end wherein Bubbleman is. 3 ShrimpyΩ2 SlimerΩ and 1 PengiΩSlimerΩ and also two JellyΩ
On theupper floor od the DNNbuilding, jack right into the door panel and also go down-left in the middle offind him. 2 SwordyΩ2 TrumpyΩHardheadΩ and N. 0-Ω
Go toTamako"s HP and go downthe 2nd left, and also step top top the blue-and-red flashing panel. 3CanoDumbΩYortΩ and also WindΩ2 YortΩ
Jack intothe DNN van and go to the right-hand corner. 3 QuakerΩ2 MomograΩ and also QuakerΩMomograΩ and also SnowBlowΩ
Go toHosp Comp 3 by jacking right into the operating Room panel. Take the firsttwo warps. Head up, climate left, then under to a dead-end to find him. PuffballΩVinerΩPuffballΩ and also BoomerΩ
Go towhere you battled him in Undernet 3, climate the an are just above theleft-most torch. 3 SpikeyΩBasherΩ, SpikeyΩ and also VolcanoΩ
Jack intothe DNN studio machine, and also head down-right to challenge him. 2HardHeadΩHardheadΩ and also BoomerΩHardheadΩ and also BasherΩ
MistManΩ You do fight him here in Blue version aswell!
Theopposute next of the arenato BowlManΩ PuffballΩand WindΩTotemΩ and PuffballΩ3 TotemΩ
Go towhere you combated him and walk to the ago of the area to uncover him. 3 MettaurΩ2 MomograΩ and MettaurΩNeedlerΩ
In Secret1, take the upper-left departure from the main area, then walk right, left,right to a dead-end. ShadowΩ2 KillerEyeΩ and also DominerdΩDominerdΩ and also ShadowΩ
In secret2 take it the normal path to an enig 3. Fter you departure the second warphowever, walk up and don"t rotate off. Rest the monolith, and also take theinvisible path right, and also go come the ago of the area. 2 BoomerΩBrushmanΩ, SwordyΩ and BoomerΩ2 SwordyΩ
The lowerlevel that the Hades comp. Take it the stair down, climate follow the smallwalkways till you with the 3x3 area. 2 TwinsΩ2 SwordyΩ2 FishyΩ
Secret 3,where HubBatc was, the lower-right area that the cross. Scuttle,ScutzScuttzer, ScuttlestScuttler, ScuttleΩ
Back ofthe area whereby you battled him the an initial time. 2 ScuttleΩ2 AlphaBugΩAlphaBugΩ and also ScuttleΩ
Play thegame to completion.When you defeat Bass, rather of fighting Alpha you will fight AlphaΩ. -