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This page includes Mega guy Zero 4 cheats list for video game Boy development version. Currently we have 9 cheat in ours list, which includes 9 secrets. Us hope details that you"ll uncover at this page assist you in playing Mega man Zero 4 on game Boy advance platform. If friend didn"t discover needed cheats put request or asking question around this at special section of the game. Also you deserve to subscribe on all brand-new cheats the we"ll uncover for girlfriend in the future!

Bosses & opponents Fire RenantNoble MandragoRibopsPopra CocapetriSpy Larue FHeat GenbelmGear BankFenri LunaedgeTyrineBoss sol TitanionSpy Larue ITech KrakenSpy Larue EPegasolta EclairClabanger NSBoss Mino MagnusCommander craft EXRandom BandamCyballDr Weil (Form 1)Dr Weil (Form 2)Codes & SecretsZ-Buster charged shot:Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Fire. Difficult mode:Successfully finish the game. Ultimate mode:Successfully finish the game with every 51 parts and also a totally upgraded Cyber Elf. Liven Basket mini-game:Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Elf chase mini-game:Successfully complete the video game without making any chip recipes. Note: Parts and recipes can still it is in collected. Hammer Harvest mini-game:Successfully finish the game in less than one hour. Magma Border mini-game:Successfully complete the video game with a finish database. Plant panic mini-game:Successfully complete the game under the typical or hard difficulty setting v a Level 0 Cyber Elf. Wood Chopping mini-game:Successfully finish the game with an all at once "S" rank. Power Laboratory mini-game:Beat the high scores of all the various other mini-games. Bonus chip:Use a attach cable to attach to Mega male Zero 3. Select "Comm" come trade any chip into the game. Hint: item recipes:A-Recover1: Poplan, V.fencerQ-Charge: BeamWalker, RBCannonWeapon Plus: Bonsect, Bongal, V.Fire, TriaformerAbsorber: Axeloid, Gyrator, CerataniumStrongest: GangaGun, Mechameson, NeedBallon, CerataniumQuick: Keroberos(3)Double Jump: Fatial, GangaGun, GyroCannonH, C-HopperSpike type W: V.Claw, Poplan, GlassCannonS-Crystal: Fatial, Mechameson, V.Fire, Ceratanium Hint: Sub-Tank locations:Make the weather clear in Fenrir Lunaedge"s stage. Then, walk to the pit near the V.Claws. Usage Z-Knuckle ~ above the robot the holds a map key. Note: do not attack an adversary with the crucial card since you will shed it. Insert the card key on the door with electric grills. In Noble Mandrango"s stage, climb up near the last vines.Trade the 2 S-Crystals come the Reploid in the critical room to the right.Go come the underground Forest. Once you finish fighting the FireRenant, you will find a Gyro Cannon H. Assault it till it leaves its propeller . Then, jump and grab it to fly. Jump turn off it once you obtain to...