There are assorted reasons why this book has been challenged by various groups and individuals. To recognize most of your objections come this book, you need to take into account the this book is a childrens/young adult book.1) This book contains soft profanity. (Why My brothers Sam Is Dead Challenged, The very first example comes on web page 5 ""Damn it, that"s rebellion."" following on web page 13 "" damn tiny brat."" Again on page 56 ""I wouldn"t tell girlfriend if ns wasn"t, you child of a bitch."" On web page 71 that reads ""Timothy, goddamn it."" an additional page profanity shows up is 83 ""Goddamn girlfriend Betsy."" On page 84 Betsy responds ""You little bastard"" and Tim yells ago ""Damn you.""2) This publication contains violence, part brutal. (Why My brothers Sam Is Dead Challenged, beforehand in the story, Rebel troops pertained to the tavern and demand their guns. Tim"s father states that his son, Sam, has actually taken the weapons to walk fight the British. They execute not believe him and the leader access time Tim"s dad in the challenge with the broadside that his sword, slicing his cheek (49-51). On the expedition to new York to sell the livestock they are harassed through Rebels who think they space going to market beef to the British. They attack Tim"s father and beat him increase (93-6). Once the British involved Redding they shoot a Rebel messenger (141). In that same chapter the brother kill some civilians and also decapitate a servant as Tim watches native a surprise location. "The knife flashed in a glowing arc, the fastest thing I ever before saw move. Ned"s head jumped turn off his body and popped into the air" (144-5). In the finish of the story Sam is executed by firing squad. ""Don"t shoot him, don"t shoot him," and also at that moment Sam slammed backwards as if he"d to be knocked over by a mallet. I never heard the weapons roar. He hit the floor on his belly and flopped over on his back. He wasn"t dead yet. He lay over there shaking and also trashing about, his knee jerking up and also down. They had shot the from therefore close the his clothes were top top fire. He went top top jerking v flames top top his chest until another soldier shot him again. Then he stopped jerking." (208)3) This publication contains alcohol usage even through minors. (Why My brother Sam Is Dead Challenged, Tim"s family members owns a tavern and also scenes which people are drinking beer and also rum room present. The trade of beer and also rum are also featured. During mealtimes and also during the expedition to new York, Tim drinks beer.4) This book does no portray a patriotic attitude towards the American Revolution. (Why My brothers Sam Is Dead Challenged, Tim"s dad is one outspoken foe of going come war through the British, and is thought about a loyalist. ""I will certainly not have actually subversion, I will certainly not have treason in mine house. We are Englishmen, we room subjects the the King, this rebellion is the talk of madmen."" (21) later Tim"s mom says ""Bah, patriotism. Her patriotism has obtained my husband in prison and one of children out over there in the rain and also the muck shooting people and also likely to be dead any kind of minute, and also my business fifty percent ruined.

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Go market your patriotism elsewhere, I"ve had enough of it."" (149) The americans fighting the brothers are likewise portrayed as brutal and dishonest. They likewise frame Sam for a crime the didn"t commit and also execute him.