A beloved song of nationwide gratitude, written by the Baptist preacher Samuel Francis smith in the 19th century. That lyrics inspire an appreciation because that the beautiful landscapes that America and also our liberty to praise as the Pilgrims seek in the new world. Read much more about the background of this hymn and also watch video performances below.

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1 mine country, 'tis that thee,sweet land of liberty,of thee ns sing:land wherein my fathers died,land of the pilgrims' pride,from every mountainsidelet liberty ring!

2 My aboriginal country, thee,land the the noble free,thy name ns love;I love her rocks and also rills,thy woods and also templed hills;my heart v rapture thrillslike that above.

3 permit music swollen the breeze,and ring from every the treessweet freedom's song:let mortal tongues awake,let all that breathe partake;let rocks their silence break,the sound prolong.

Source: Hymns the Promise: a big print songbook #195

The Story Behind my Country, "Tis that Thee

"My Country, 'Tis of Thee" was composed in 1832 by Samuel Francis Smith, and first sung in ~ a children's fourth of July solemn event in Park Street Church, Boston.It was consisted of in The Psalmist, 1843, No. 1000, and also found in a huge number of American hymn-books, but not in use in great Britain. It is just one of the most popular of Dr. Smith's compositions.

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