"Wanna sit on my confront one time?" my girlfriend inquiry me the various other day in bed, post-shag. The wasn"t the first occasion on i m sorry the horny bitch had carried it up (she"s one Aries, those guys just don"t let things go). And it wasn"t the an initial time I"d replied with a full-body shiver and also a, "Nooooo, that grims me out but I don"t understand why."

I mean, I"ve done it tons of times in the previous with masculine partners, and also I enjoy being eaten out as lot as the next guy. I"d also an extremely happily have her journey my face to her small heart"s content. But the assumed of me being the sitter? It provides my butthole go all squiffy. Then she cracked it: "It is a really dominant position, and also you"re submissive". And, yeah. Looking ago to the glory days when I to be young and also a agree sitter that faces, i was likewise a bit an ext confident and commanding during sex. Weirdly, together I"ve approached (and passed) 30, I"ve uncovered myself ending up being a lot less dominant. Hello hang ups my old friends! It turns out ns am, fundamentally, simply not a face sitter anymore.

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In a desperate attempt to make peace with the - sex is mine job, i feel favor a failure, a FRAUD - i asked a sex therapist to describe the psychology of confront sitting. And also I obtained fans and haters come share your ~opinions~ top top the sex act.


Firstly, what also is challenge sitting?Let"s be real, the surname is pretty cursed self-explanatory, however to avoid any confusion: face sitting is wherein one human being sits ~ above another"s face. In a sexy way. We"re talk genital-to-face call here. We"re talk delightfully, smotheringly intimate oral sex. In a bunch of laughably misogynist alters to porn regulations in 2014, challenge sitting (along with squirting, however weirdly not ejaculation indigenous a penis?!) was banned. Fortunately, these bullshit rule were ultimately overturned earlier this year.

The sitter or sittee have the right to be anyone, of any gender identity, anatomy or sexuality. That can additionally be well-known as Queening if the sitter identifies as female, or Kinging if they determine as male.

As psychosexual and relationship therapist, and sex professional at LELO Kate Moyle explains, "Face sit is most generally used by couples just as another position because that oral-genital contact and also oral sex, and for part it can produce what feels choose a adjust in the power dynamic."


While there space many, varied reasons why human being enjoy gift on both ends, Kate claims for women and also people through clitorises, it can be all around the pleasure. "For most women clitoral stimulation offers the many intense kind of pleasure and highest probability that orgasm - and also this is a position which offers straight stimulation.

"For some there might be an attraction to the transition in gift in control, or being much more out the control. And there deserve to be a genuine sense the the erotic once the emphasis is on pleasing one partner, because that both the receiver and the giver."

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"All I"m thinking about is even if it is I"m smothering your face"- says Almara, 29

"Personally, I"ve always been very opposed to challenge sitting. While I"ve had actually the request from countless a men, numerous a time, I just don"t uncover pleasure in it. Because that one, every I"m thinking about is even if it is I"m smothering your confront with mine vagina (can you breathe under there?) and it"s the worst possible angle I could imagine someone staring up in ~ me . However, an ex the mine really much preferred it, so ns did it because that him a couple of times. He shortly realised it wasn"t pleasurable for me and so us switched come the "usual" missionary-style oral sex position."


"The set-up to gain in position is no glamorous" - claims Beth, 22"I constantly used to hate challenge sitting and I discovered it yes, really vulgar due to the fact that I connected the action with men who are complete bellends. "Sit on mine face" is together a heat from creepy Tinder men, or lads top top the traction in clubs, and it always seemed like a demeaning act come me. I"m also a submissive, so I tend to constantly be the one who"s gift pinned or satellite on. I"m much an ext comfortable being conquered than i am dominating another person.

"However, I love sit on someone"s face if it"s a 69, due to the fact that it feels balanced (and they"re just super fun). Ns have had actually a couple of successful confront sits, however I have to be possessing together a certain kind of to trust to supply that the doesn"t happen too often! additionally face sitting is at sight weird to me due to the fact that I imagine the sittee is watching mine vagina coming in the direction of their face ominously. The set-up to acquire in place is not glamorous and more of an intricate sex scaffolding."

"Insecurity offered to protect against me - currently I choose to be sat on" - states Jake, 26

"Personally I favor to be the one that"s satellite on. I love that idea of gift able to give pleasure to someone, and because I often tend to have conversations around it prior to it happens, ns think the whole dom/sub dynamic kind of goes away. In regards to sitting, I"ve had world that have actually asked me to execute it come them, yet insecurity used to stop me. I average it"s fixed the ideal angle! yet recently I"ve become more confident, and also now it"s something I enjoy doing as well. Obviously an individual hygiene is important!


"Basically, I provided to it is in terrified of something rimming-related. I remember gift 18 and totally ready to eat the end my companion (I bought chocolate sauce and a Lush massage bar to "set the mood") but when ns actually obtained down there and saw his arsehole up close, ns freaked myself out. Fast forward a couple of years and I love it. All the took to be someone to try it ~ above me first and also show me just how amazing it might feel, ~ that ns instinctually want to return the favour. I"ve never looked back!"

"It"s about ensuring preferably pleasure for her" - states Mark*, 35

"I"m a big fan of challenge sitting, i m sorry is part and parcel of having actually a deep love for providing oral satisfied to women. Ns can"t say I"ve ever before sat top top a woman"s face. I"ve never been through a woman who"s shown any type of interest in rimming me. Ns guess for me, a woman sitting top top my challenge gives her the same control as when she"s speak cowgirl - she can control where the press goes, she have the right to grind, and easily switch in between clit, lips or ass-sucking. For me it"s around ensuring maximum pleasure for her quite than any kind of submissive plot on my part."

"I"m also self-conscious come come that way" - says Holly*, 26

"I discover the idea of face sitting way sexier than the actual act. I"m constantly too self-conscious in that place to actually come. I"m thinking about my ship or my twin chin, and also just can"t lose myself in the moment.

"Also, ns don"t think a many of men are skilled in changing how castle go under on you for that position. Somehow, it just doesn"t work. Having a girl sit on her face, however? Delightful."


"It cd driver me insane" - states Tom*, 29"The submissive emotion it provides of being in a position where your only capacity is to sell pleasure is incredible. The beauty of a vagina right in former of my face, the noises indigenous my companion as i pleasure her, and also the raising pressure she applies to my tongue making use of her body weight as she edge closer to orgasm drives me insane. Once she’s feeling a tiny extra and she angles her human body to invite me come pleasure her arse. Wow!"

"As a disabled human with turbulent hips, it"s uncomfortable" - states Eve, 25

"It"s therefore uncomfortable as a disabled human with unstable hips. I"ve mostly tried that straddling mine partner"s face, and that place puts a the majority of pressure on mine knees, and back, and I can"t relax into it. I"ve tried actually sitting top top a past partner, yet I didn"t feeling comfortable that i wasn"t smushing them - and also I felt really unbalanced."

Honestly, chatting to this legends has kind of turn me on. I"ve made decision to take Beth"s advice and shot easing right into it v a 69 - something i just argued to my girlfriend that replied, "Possibly finest text I"ve ever received. Very up for." will certainly report ago shortly.

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