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reference no: EM13513105

The names and also chemical formulae of part chemical compounds space written in the first two columns that the table below. Each link is soluble in water.

Imagine that a few tenths the a mole of each link is dissolved in a liter of water. Then, write down in the third column the the table the chemical formula of the major chemical varieties that will be current in this solution. For example, you know water itself will certainly be present, so girlfriend can begin each list through the chemical formula for water (H2O).

Note: "major" chemical types are those current in concentrations better than 10^-6 mol.

major types present when liquified in water

zinc iodide ZnI2

nitrous oxide N2O

sodium nitrate NaNO2

glucose C6H12O6

nickel (II) Iodide NiL2

recommendation no: EM13513105
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