Cracker Jack is among the most well-known snacks in American history, and also it’s difficult to think that this delicious popcorn delicacy without picturing the world-famous logo: a smiling and saluting boy dressed together a sailor with an adorable dog tucked in between his legs.

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Many have actually wondered around the background of these two mascots, as they nothing readily explain the product.

Unlike the competitor, Planter’s snacks, which function a logo design of a dapper peanut attract a top hat and monocle, the boy sailor and his dog were selected for reasons fully unrelated to the caramel peanut snack discovered within.

This is the story of a stray dog who, under an amusing pseudonym, would come to be one the the most well known canines in America and also arguably throughout the world.

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In 1916, twenty years after the snack food was first manufactured and sold, the firm founders chose that a mascot was essential to supplement the brightly colored branding featured on the Cracker Jack packaging. Frederick Rueckheim chose his grandson, Robert, to be the model of the new company mascot, who was nicknamed seafarer Jack. Sadly, Frederick’s nephew died really shortly ~ his photo was provided on the snack food’s packaging: a sudden and tragic death caused by pneumonia.

The seafarer motif the the mascot is likely as result of the snack food’s partnership with Navy recruitment efforts. Advertisements because that the product turned the snack as a U.S. Navy enlistee’s favorite, and also early advertisements consisted of information detailing just how young men could enlist in the Navy. As soon as Frederick Rueckheim died, he requested that the picture of his beloved nephew be engraved top top his tombstone, and visitors deserve to still check out the famed sailor sculpture in Chicago at St. Henry’s Cemetery.

So What around the Dog?

Not to be outdone through the Rueckheim brothers, Henry Eckstein chose that he want some depiction on Cracker Jack packaging together well. A year after sailor Jack to be designed and implemented on Cracker Jack, Henry embraced a stray dog called Russell. Due to the fact that of his status as a companion in the company, Henry demanded that his dog be included to the packaging, and also thus sailor Jack’s dog, Bingo, to be born.

Bingo is usually depicted as a small, terrier-sized dog v a spot on either his ideal or left eye. The initial artwork to be black and white, but more contemporary iterations of the sailor Jack and Bingo design feature a brown and white dog. The depicted dog shows up to be pertained to the Jack Russell breed, yet this is completely coincidence, together the real Russell to be a stray blended breed.

Original Design and Subsequent Changes

The original design of the Cracker Jack mascots featured sailor Jack clutching several boxes of Cracker Jack snacks in one hand and also offering up a cheeky salute with the other hand. Tucked squarely beneath seafarer Jack’s foot is the somewhat-scruffy dog, Bingo. Interestingly, in some initial packaging, Bingo no reside in between Sailor Jack’s legs, yet sits on the outside of the boy’s left leg.

Eventually, the logo was formalized v the dog in between the boy’s legs, and the blue captain’s cap that seafarer Jack originally wore to be swapped because that the much more widely known white seafarer cap. In newer iterations, sailor Jack is often seen transferring Bingo since the full-body architecture of the boy was pared under to incorporate just his torso behind the Cracker Jack text logo.

The two mascots were officially licensed and also registered in 1919, 3 years after ~ the first appearance of seafarer Jack and two years after Bingo first appeared. Together for the catalyst of the world-famous Bingo, Russell was kept by Henry Eckstein till the dog passed away in 1930 of old age.

Why Henry Eckstein’s Dog?

Many have wondered that Henry Eckstein remained in relation to the company and why the Rueckheim brothers honored his demand to combine a stray dog there is no question. When the initial recipe and also production the the Cracker Jack snack is attributed solely to the Rueckheims, Eckstein did make crucial contribution.

Henry Eckstein developed and also patented a special type of candy packaging that used a wax seal to keep the contents fresh while ensuring that dust, debris, and even germs were retained out that the inside product. Eckstein dubbed this development the “Eckstein Triple proof Packaging,” so called for the three wax obstacles utilized. The Rueckheim brothers therefore relied ~ above this packaging to store their product fresh that they made decision to incorporate with Eckstein, and also the Cracker Jack manufacturing agency was change the name Rueckheim Bros. & Eckstein in 1902.

It would certainly be one more 15 years before Henry Eckstein adopted his soon-to-be-famous dog, and by then the Cracker Jack snack and its impenetrable packaging were so fundamentally linked, that the Rueckheim brothers had actually no qualms incorporating their partner’s lover dog into the design. As it turns out, the boy and dog to be adored by fans, and Sailor Jack through his faithful Bingo are simply as much associated with the snack together the game of baseball.

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Bingo the Farmer’s Dog

One usual misconception is that the surname of the Cracker Jack dog derives native the renowned children’s song Bingo, or angry versa. The song features the lyric “There to be a farmer had actually a dog, and also Bingo to be his name-o.” This old Scottish tune is an initial found on paper music date to the late 1700s, therefore the tune most absolutely precedes the molasses popcorn snack food. Over there is also no indication that Rueckheim Bros. & Eckstein utilized this song lyric come come up with their Bingo’s name, therefore associations in between the two space purely conjecture.