Developer: Her InteractiveRelease date: 2006Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: AdventureVersion: Full Game

Danger by style is the 14th rate in the Nancy attracted point-and-click adventure game collection by she Interactive. The video game is accessible for play on Microsoft home windows platforms. It has an ESRB rating the E for moments of gentle violence and peril. Players take it on the first-person check out of fictitious amateur sleuth Nancy Drew and must settle the an enig through interrogation that suspects, addressing puzzles, and also discovering clues. There space two level of gameplay, small and an elderly detective modes, each providing a different an obstacle level of puzzles and also hints, however neither of these changes impact the really plot of the game. The video game is loosely based on a book entitled fatality by design (1988).

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Nancy drew travels come Paris to work undercover together an assistant to Minette, an up-and-coming couture fashion designer. Minette hasn"t fairly been it s her lately. She is never seen there is no wearing a mask, and also she frequently throws temper tantrums and also irrationally fires her employees. She is running dangerously behind schedule and her jae won backers space concerned around her capability to finish her work. Has actually the anxiety of fame compelled her behind the mask, or is over there something sinister lurking in the shadows of her studio?



Nancy drew - Nancy is an eighteen-year-old amateur detective native the fictional city of flow Heights in the joined States. She is the just playable personality in the game, which means the player need to solve the an enig from her perspective.

Minette - Minette donned a mask at the end of her fall show and hasn’t bring away it turn off since. Lately, together her deadlines impend closer, she has actually been exhilaration strangely, cram temper tantrums and firing her employees. Minette is socially inept, high-strung, and also temperamental, but over all, she is talented. Recently, Minette has been receiving threatening notes from an cotton writer.

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Heather McKay - heath is Minette"s trusted assistant, and also she has actually lasted far longer than any kind of of the aides before her. She desires of make it huge in the fashion world however is staying on v Minette in wishes of acquiring some contacts and experience. Heather has actually a significant crush ~ above Dieter, but he no share she feelings.

Dieter von Schwesterkrank - Dieter is an enterprising, arrogant, and also ambitious young photographer. He as soon as dated Minette, however she broke it off, leaving that heartbroken and humiliated. Dieter has tendency to keep to himself and also dislikes nearly everyone else in the fashion industry. He obsessively searches for his great-uncle’s long lost treasure.

Jing Jing Ling - Jing Jing, far better known together JJ, is Minette’s fitting model. Minette calls for her to it is in a dimension 12, therefore she is constantly eating cacao chip cookies. Return she is down-to-earth, bubbly, and also outgoing, JJ is bitterness after gift tricked her into signing her current contract with Minette, forcing her to remain in Paris much longer than she originally anticipated.

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Jean Michel Traquenard - Jean Mi is a columnist because that GlamGlam magazine and also a vital voice once it concerns fashion. Most human being are terrified that he will certainly write other bad around them, for this reason they bow and scrape in his presence. As far as Jean Mi is concerned, every little thing he wants, he will get. That is famous for being conceited.


Nancy drew - Lani Minella

Jing Jing Ling - Amy Broomhall

Heather McKay / Monique - Megan Hill

Minette / Malika - Shawnmarie Yates

Jean-Michel Traquenard - man Nelson

Dieter von Schwesterkrank / Zu / serious Schmeck - Stephen Hando

Lynn Manrique - Dana Cali

Hugo Butterly / Monsieur Marchand / Gunther Schmeck - Tim Moore

Prudence Rutherford - Simone Choule

Bess Marvin - Alisa Murray

George Fayne - Patty Pomplun

Frank hardy - Jonah Von Spreecken

Joe hardy - rob Jones

Waiter / Police - Mathias Jangla 


Charles Herold that The new York times wrote, "The game itself is decent over all, despite hardly the best in the series, yet the finishing is anticlimactic."