Check this guide out for every little thing you require to understand to obtain started in Naruto Shippuden: can be fried Ninja Blazing!

The well-known Ultimate Ninja series hits mobile through Naruto Shippuden: ultimate Ninja Blazing. It provides a distinct turn-based and movement strategic battle system. It also has plenty of characters you recognize from the series, also some girlfriend couldn"t beat in the console games, and the original story.

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There is a lot to learn around playing this game and doing the ideal you can, therefore I"m walking to assist by explaining everything you should know.

This overview will go over every little thing you require to recognize to acquire started in Naruto Shippuden: ultimate Ninja Blazing including:

Battle Basics - The basics on how the game play works.Elemental affinities - What each aspect is, and how they interact with every other.Field and Buddy an abilities - The different an abilities your personalities can have.Missions and Character development - What goals are, and how to do your characters stronger.Extra advice - more tips to make you better at the game.

Battle Basics

Battles in can be fried Ninja Blazing are turn-based, but you deserve to use your turn to move roughly the board, move characters, or use special attacks called Jutsu.

When the is her turn, just drag your character to wherein you desire them to go.Keep in mind the as shortly as friend touch her character, you cannot go back, and their revolve will be supplied no matter what you do after that.

If you move within in variety of the enemy, friend will assault them.

You have the right to tell if you room in selection by looking atthearea roughly yourcharacter,and noticing if the enemyhas symbols approximately them.

Ninjutsu and secret Techniques

Every time her character"s revolve comes up, part of your chakra gauge is filled. When it is maxed, they can perform a Ninjutsu.

To perform a Ninjutsu, tap your character"s portrait, then relocate them in ~ range.You will watch an area pop up when you readjust to Ninjutsu, so placed that overthetargetcharacter.Keep in psychic that part Ninjutsu are selfpower-ups,or assistance moves for her allies.

Some character can use an effective skills called mystery Techniques that occupational like Ninjutsu, but are much stronger. They should save up much more chakra to execute these. You deserve to tell it is ready when the shade of the chakra gauge changes.

To do a mystery technique, you have to double-tap her character"s portrait once they space ready, then relocate them just like when you use Ninjutsu.

Elemental Affinities

Each character have the right to have 1 the 5 different elemental affinities. Each of these elemental affinities has another that that is strong or weak against.


If her character is solid against the enemy, friend deal more damage and also take less damage from them.

If you are weak to the enemy, girlfriend deal much less damage, and also take more from them.

Heart (Red) - solid against Skill, weak to BodyBody (Blue) - strong against Heart, weak come SkillSkill (Green) -Strong versus Body, weak toHeartBravery (Yellow) - strong against, and also weak to, WisdomWisdom (Purple) -Strong against, and weak to,Bravery

Field and Buddy Skills

Each character has a field Skill and also Buddy Skill.

Field Skills

These are skills that impact the area roughly a character as soon as they room on the field.

If you relocate within range of an ally, you will advantage from their ar skill. You can also get an unfavorable effects from enemies when you relocate within their field.

Buddy Skills

First, as soon as you set up her team, you have the right to have 2 civilization inthefront row, and 3people on the ago row. The third front row slot is booked for a friend character the you can pick every battle.

The personalities inthefront row room the persons that space inthefield and also fighting. Thecharacters intheback row support the character they are under v buddyskills.


During your turn, you can switch the character in the frontrow v their girlfriend in the ago row.

The services of each buddy skill just works for the character they are linked to. You have the right to switch the placement before battle, but not ~ it"s started.

Missions and also Character Improvement

Mission Types

Missions come in 2 types: Story and Emergency.

Story missions are always there and also completing lock unlocks more.

Emergency goals are just there for a restricted time and it lets you acquire characters and also items you would not obtain in Story Missions.

You can likewise do every of these objectives in multiplayer with various other players. As soon as playing with various other players, there will certainly be 2 others. Each player controls 1 prior and earlier row character, so put the persons you want in your first slot.

Character Enhance and also Awaken

You have the right to enhance, or level, her character by choosing Enhance indigenous the team menu.

Select the personality you desire to enhance, then add other items or personalities from the list to strength them up.

You can pick up to 10 at a time to enhance your character.You obtain an extra advantage if they are the very same elemental affinity together the character you are enhancing.

When your character reaches their max level, you deserve to Awaken lock to rise their strength and level cap.

This requires particular items come complete.

Keep in mind that enhancing and also awakening needs Ryo, the in-game currency.

Extra Tips


Field location is an extremely importantAlways payattentionto over there you space onthefield.If you location your charactercorrectly, girlfriend may have the ability to hit lot of enemiesand obtain field skills from allies.Have a mixture of elemental affinities on her teamThis prepares friend for any situation for this reason you can switch the end if there is an aspect you space weak to.

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Always inspect the character cards to view what their an abilities and Ninjutsu/Secret techniques doSome personalities heal, some assault multiple enemies, some attack 1 enemy.Knowing what her character does and also planning your team approximately them will make to win a many easier.

That wraps up my Beginner tips and also tricks for Naruto Shippuden: ultimate Ninja Blazing. Permit me recognize if you have any type of questions!