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The Sam M. university of service has get an impressive to end up being the state"s premier university of business, and also a country competitive organization school.

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Committed to enhancing students’ awareness that diversity and increasing the extent to which they value its significance.

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Document the skills, competencies, and experiences you"re obtaining for life during and after college.

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We develop outstanding students and also faculty that meaningfully influence the worldwide accounting community. Discover more...



Understand and also adapt to a transforming economic environment. Learn more...



Student-managed investment funds. Experienced faculty. That company connections. Find out more...


Information Systems

Work with organization leaders to recognize how an innovation can resolve problems and create opportunities. Discover more...



Preparing students because that positions of leadership in establishments of every sizes. Learn more...


Create. Communicate. Deliver. Learn about product planning, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies. Learn more...

Strategy, Entrepreneurship, & venture Innovation

Preparing students to be tomorrow’s business, community, and academic innovators. learn more...

Supply Chain Management

Northwest Arkansas is the beating heart of the world"s it is provided chain industry. Learn more...

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research & Outreach
Research PapersBehavioral organization Research Lab

A world-class, interdisciplinary study facility because that studying human being behavior and also decision making.

McMillon creation Studio

Home to a community of interdisciplinary undergraduate student groups that provides prototyping space for students and also faculty throughout campus to connect and create together.

Research & Outreach Initiatives College functions to attend to important business and economic problems through discovery, integration, application, and also dissemination that knowledge.

Bessie B. Moore center for financial Education
Blockchain center of Excellence
Business Integrity management Initiative
Center because that Business and Economic Research
Customer Centric management Initiative
Executive Education
Garrison financial Institute
Supply Chain monitoring Research Center
Tyson facility for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace
Alumni & girlfriend
Dean"s executive Advisory Board

Prominent organization leaders who proactively support the Dean in advancing the mission and vision of the Sam M. college of Business.

Dean"s Alumni Advisory Council

A varied group of university alumni who space ambassadors because that the college and who usage their experience and also insight to advancement the college"s goals.

Arkansas organization Hall of Fame

Designed to honor, preserve and perpetuate the names and also outstanding accomplishments of company leaders that have carried lasting fame come Arkansas.

The Lasting impact of your Gifts

Student scholarships, endowed chairs, professorships, and new program offerings are placing us competitively on the nationwide stage.

All the this many thanks to the sacrament of the household Charitable Support structure and the plenty of generous donors before and also after its gift.

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Invest in our Students

For practically a century, the College has actually excelled because of benefactors favor you.

Corporate Support

Get connected through her company. Friend can:

Arkansas company Hall of Fame


William E. Darby

wilhelm E. Darby

William E. Darby

(1904 - 1979)ChairmanNational Old heat Insurance CompanyLittle Rock, Arkansas

William E. Darby joined nationwide Old line Insurance firm in tiny Rock in 1929. Through tough work and also determination, he increased from insurance agent to president and also chairman of the board. Nationwide Old line attracted nationwide attention for its phenomenal growth and also celebrated that is 30th anniversary in 1956 with the dedication the a new building in tiny Rock. Darby personally directed a sales company that flourished from 17 to represent in 1945 to more than 250 in 1956. He managed the mergers of the firm with nationwide Equity Life insurance allowance Company. As soon as he retirement in 1972, nationwide Old Line had actually grown come a billion-dollar business and also was amongst the top 10 percent of every insurance service providers in the U.S. Measure up by life insurance allowance in force.

Darby likewise was a effective breeder of cattle and also thoroughbred horses. A strong advocate for higher education, he offered as the state"s an initial chairman the the newly developed Commission top top Coordination of greater Education. His philanthropy still stays through St. Vincent Infirmary medical Center, Arkansas Children"s Hospital, Heifer job International, Darby room at the college of Arkansas and many various other worthy organizations.