Malcolm In The Middle: Why fans Think Neil Patrick Harris played Francis that a common misconception Neil Patrick Harris played Francis ~ above Malcolm In The Middle. In fact, it to be his doppelganger Christopher Masterson.

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it’s a usual misbelief that Neil Patrick Harris played Francis ~ above Malcolm In The Middle – here’s why. Critically acclaimed Fox comedy collection Malcolm In The Middle was among the critical sitcoms that the early 2000s. The show ran for 7 seasons between 2000 and also 2006 and also followed a lovably dysfunctional family headed through dad Hal (a pre-Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston) and also mom Lois (Jane Kaczmarek). Hal and Lois had actually three kids living with them in ~ home; youngest son Dewey (Erik per Sullivan), genius center child Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) and their enlarge dimwit brother Reese (Justin Berfield).

Topping turn off the Malcolm In The Middle brood was Hal and Lois’ eldest wayward boy Francis who invested the first couple of seasons at a army school where he’d been sent for negative behavior. A good number of world thought Francis was played by Neil Patrick Harris that at that point in time was ideal known for playing the titular teen prodigy in dramedy Doogie Howser M.D., and Colonel Carl Jenkins in Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers.

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Malcolm In The Middle’s Francis was in reality played by Christopher Masterson who simply happens to it is in a dead ringer because that Neil Patrick Harris. It provides sense that human being would confused the 2 doppelganger celebrities - they’ve both got the same short blond hair, both have actually piercing blue eyes and also they share similar facial features. Thinking around it a little an ext deeply, however, it doesn’t really include up. At the moment Malcolm In The Middle started airing, Neil Patrick Harris was in his late twenties whereas the character of Francis to be still in his teens. While Neil Patrick Harris is a youthful-looking guy, that’s pushing the bounds of believability simply a bit.

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Nevertheless, many Malcolm In The Middle pan still mistook Christopher Masterson because that Neil Patrick Harris. The myth the Neil Patrick Harris play Francis is therefore widely believed that the How ns Met your Mother star has actually addressed the case a pair of time himself. In a current interview with BuzzFeed, Harris stated the craziest rumor the heard around himself was the he to be on Malcolm In The Middle and earlier in 2013, the tweeted the complying with in solution to somebody who believed he played Francis:

So, to clarify, it was Christopher Masterson the played Francis on Malcolm In The Middle, not Neil Patrick Harris yet it’s simple mistake to make due to the fact that the pair look at so comparable they might be related. Interestingly Christopher Masterson is concerned a few other celebrity siblings, consisting of Danny Masterson who played Hyde top top That ‘70s Show and The go Dead’s Alanna Masterson but – funnily sufficient – they don’t bear together striking a resemblance to him together Neil Patrick Harris does.