Nettie Stanley Wiki, Bio, Age, Kids, Husband, and Details. Born ~ above 10 July 1974 in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Nettie Stanley is one American actress of an excellent fame and also who is finest known for she leading role in the TV reality show Gypsy Sisters. Twice she has actually been ominous in marriage, however her present marriage is walking strong.

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Nettie Stanley at an early stage Life and Family

Nettie and also her two sisters Mellie and also JoAnn were carried up by your mother, as Nettie was the oldest, it was natural that she need to assume the matriarchal role, taking care of her sisters throughout all the years when their mother was not around.


For more than 6 years, Lottie Mae Stanley, Nettie’s mom was on the run, hiding indigenous the regulation after gift convicted in 2004 of bank fraud in 11 states. Lottie to be sentenced to much more than 10 year in prison.


Nettie Stanley Wiki, Bio, Age, Kids, Husband, and Details

 Biography & Facts
Born:10 July 1974
Profession:TV truth Star
Net Worth:$400,000
Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Blue
Height:5ft 5in or 1.65 m
Married to:Huey Stanley
Affair with:N/A
Children:9 (Heath, Albert, Dallas, Nuckie, Destiny, Chasitie, Huey, Sheila & Kat)
Birth Sign:Cancer

Nettie Stanley Marriage, Divorce & Children

Nettie has actually been married three times and divorced twice. When she was a teenager, Nettie met and also fell in love with a young man known only as JR. The two at some point eloped, but unfortunately, the marital relationship did no last long and the 2 were divorced.

Her second marriage to a husband whose name is no knownwas no far better than the very first as it also ended in divorce. Nettie is the perfect example of the saying “third time lucky”. This is since her third marriage seems to be holding top top strong.

There is no information regarding how Nettie and her 3rd husband, Huey Stanley met or once they began dating. It seems they struggle it turn off perfectly because on 14 September 2004 after date for about 2 years, they gained married.

After 10 year of marriage and having gone with a separation, Nettie and Huey renewed your vows in prior of your loved ones.

Nettie has 7 youngsters from her very first two marriages, Heath, Albert, Huey, late Destiny, Chasitie, Sheila, and Kat. She also has 2 children with Huey namely, Dallas and Nuckie. The fatality of she stepson resulted in her quitting TV and focusing on raising her family. Sadly, she daughter Destiny died from part undisclosed cause.

Nettie Stanley Future Plans

After about 18 years due to the fact that Nettie left the collection of Gypsy Sisters, it is rumored the the present may it is in making a comeback, and also this time Nettie can be going it alone, without her sisters.

Nettie Stanley net Worth

Since Nettie is not known to have any other resources of income, it would be ideal to assume the her approximated net precious of $400,000 has all come native her exhilaration career. This was mostly because of the 4 seasons the she featured in Gypsy Sisters. She own a selection Rover and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Nettie Stanley film & TV Career

Having been the oldest of 3 sisters, Nettie had a lot of of handy hands-on experience in raising a family members as her mother was far either on the operation or in prison. This endure was simply what she necessary to be successful in the 2 roles that Nettie played, one in My large Fat Gypsy Wedding and also the various other in Gypsy Sisters.

My big Fat Gypsy Wedding to be her an initial TV appearance and also even despite the movie was not such a good hit, it opened up the door come her acquiring the lead duty in Gypsy Sisters. This collection was such a success that Nettie showed up in all 32 episodes of the first four seasons. Nettie appeared in the showsalong through her biological sisters Mellie Stanley and also JoAnn Wells.

Nettie pulled the end of the display to concentrate on her family members after she 22-year-old stepson, Rocky was stabbed to death. This lugged to an end Nettie’s glowing TV exhilaration career.

Nettie Stanley and Social Media

The conversation between Nettie and the Firecrackers films producer about the feasible return that Gypsy sister was carried outon Facebook.

In addition to Facebook whereby Nettie has a huge number of followers, she is also energetic on Twitter where her pendant number end 33.3 thousand and Instagram.

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Nettie Stanley Nationality and also Ethnicity

Nettie Stanley is one American citizen and holds a us nationality. She is that Romanichal descent.