Occasionally I gain a dns error as soon as I hit a net site. Later on in the day i can access the site when again. I know the sites are up the entire time. For instance, right currently yahoo and altavista space both report dns errors yet thaivisa is ok. This problem is getting more frequent in current weeks. Anyone rather seeing this and is there anything that deserve to be done? below is the cut and paste error

Network Error (dns_server_failure)

Your request can not it is in processed because an error arisen contacting the DNS server.

The DNS server might be temporarily unavailable, or there might be a network problem.

For assistance, contact your network assistance team.

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LivinLOS 6200

Posted December 3, 2004


Shaved MemberAdvanced Members 620019963 postsGender:Male
Posted December 3, 2004

The DNS server listed by her ISP (usually) is failing..

Who is the ISP ??? Complain to them ??

Also make sure you room using the correct DNS server either accumulated via DHCP or set in your network settings.

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marquess 421

Posted December 3, 2004


Super MemberAdvanced Members 4211860 postsGender:Male
Posted December 3, 2004

I think this error come up due to the fact that of True"s Proxy. Ns have regularly used a proxy to gain round this.

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triplegee 19

Posted December 3, 2004


Senior MemberMembers 19340 posts
Posted December 3, 2004

Yeah - I have actually noticed this blog post with increasing frequency lately. It"s a ache in the a*se however checking earlier later usually all is well. If I need a details site right now I use a proxy as recommended by Marquess.

I have noticed the True"s speeds space getting much better in current times as well.

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Highwayman 0

Posted December 3, 2004


Senior MemberMember 0394 posts
Posted December 3, 2004

Try keying ipconfig/flushdns in the Command notice window.

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Firefoxx 0

Posted December 3, 2004


Platinum MemberAdvanced Members 02139 posts
Posted December 3, 2004

True"s DNS servers are less than optimal. It"s no a proxy issue. Do a straight DNS query to their servers, and they still are clueless. The various other day they to be refusing to give out any type of DNS replies on servers in the yahoo domain.

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The Coder 0

Posted December 6, 2004

The Coder

Senior MemberBanned 0739 posts
Posted December 6, 2004

Just wanted to monitor up on the proposal offered:


No effect

No effect

"use a proxy to obtain round this"

that works

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sting01 0

Posted December 7, 2004


Senior MemberBanned 0590 posts
Posted December 7, 2004

According to G W Bush, DNS and also WHOIS (and in general all object regarded the internet topology) is PUBLIC, and also since part time it"s not just Marina del rey who take treatment of that, but an organisation whereby the no profit optimal level organisation room in parity v governemental agencies.

What does that typical :

the DNS are only the replication (mirror) that the 7 height level directories, girlfriend just have (and it"s legal) come setup your very own DNS in ~ home, and also you will certainly never have this difficulty again ... Take into consideration it iwll take about 7 days come download the informations.

The best sep by action on exactly how to do it is situated in man pages .

In general, over there is a most technical problem here, DNS lazy, the cisco routeurs that use a cheap ring robin ......... Love the or leaving it.


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Network Error (dns_server_failure)

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