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Bus Newark to Columbus: Trip Overview


Trip Reviews for Newark - Columbus

I had actually one problem on the bus with a passenger sitting behind me and I felt uncomfortable because he maintained rubbing my arm. He kept putting his hand on the side of the seat to touch me.
The bus was an hour late getting here to Newark . Three hour delay in Pittsburgh. Should have actually been 40 minutes
The trip overall was not also bad because I acquired to my destination on time, despite being one hour and thirty minutes approximately running behind schedule. I favor the vehicle drivers, they are major encouraged and I can tell they job-related difficult.
United States bus companies: FlixBus, Greyhound, Jefferkid Lines, New York Trailmeans, Peter Pan, Barons Bus, ACN Autobuses

Newark to Columbus Buses helps you find a bus from Newark to Columbus. Get the ideal fare and also schedule, book a round expedition ticket or find bsupplies through WiFi and electric outallows.

Bus company from Newark to Columbus will be gave by the many trusted bus companies.

From cheap bus tickets to even more luxurious bsupplies traveling from Newark to Columbus, we sell a vast array of bus solutions to best suit your requirements depending on exactly how a lot your budobtain is.

Bus Companies

Newark to Columbus bus tickets are offered by Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

For a bus leaving from Newark, the trip starts at Penn Station, EWR Airport, N Broad St or Newark Liberty Internationwide Airport, NJ.

In Columbus, your bus travel ends at Greyhound Station, Ohio State, CMH Airport, #213 E Rich St, 2300 S. Hamilton Rd. , 4th St or Columbus.

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses11
Earliest and also Latest Bus Departures12:45AM - 9:50PM
Minimum Price$78
Median Ticket Price$106
Minimum Trip Duration12h5m
Average Bus Trip Duration14h
Bus Companies on This RouteGreyhound US


Frequently asked questions for your expedition Newark - Columbus

How a lot does a bus ticket from Newark to Columbus cost?

The average bus ticket price from Newark to Columbus is $106. The ideal method to uncover cheap bus tickets from Newark to Columbus is to book your tickets as early on as feasible. Prices tfinish to rise as your take a trip day viewpoints, so book in advance to secure the ideal prices!

How long is the bus ride from Newark to Columbus?

The average travel time in between Newark and Columbus is about 14h, although the fastest bus will certainly take around 12h 5m.This is the moment it takes to take a trip the 468 miles that separates the two cities.

How many type of day-to-day bus relationships are tbelow in between Newark and also Columbus?

The variety of buses from Newark to Columbus have the right to differ relying on the day of the week. On average, tbelow are 11 on this route. Some boffers run direct courses, while others have actually layovers. Simplify your bus trip from Newark to Columbus by comparing and picking the bus that fits you take a trip style and budobtain on

Which bus providers take a trip from Newark to Columbus?

When taking the bus from Newark to Columbus, you can travel comfortably and also safely with Greyhound.

What are the leave and arrival stations when taking the bus from Newark to Columbus?

Boffers traveling between Newark and also Columbus leave from Penn Station or EWR Airport and also arrive at Greyhound Station, Ohio State, CMH Airport.

About Bus Travel

Bus Travel Tips

Make friends with the driver. They usually understand a lot around your location and may even recommfinish which side of the bus to sit on to acquire the ideal views on the road between Newark and Columbus!

Much more than a mere vehicle taking you from Newark to Columbus, riding the bus will expose you to some of the most stunning panoramas while encourse to your last bus soptimal.

Taking the bus creates the smallest carbon footprint compared to various other settings of carry. Not to point out that buses will certainly permit you to discover scenic gems from Newark to Columbus that are otherwise impossible to come by with a airplane.

Create your very own genuine life musical score by curating a personalized bus take a trip playlist - the perfect accompaniment to your bus ride from Newark to Columbus.

Did you know?

It takes 27 hrs to go by bus from Lima to Cusco, among the craziest bus trips on the people. This route is provided daily by locals and backpackers.

The word 'bus' is an abbreviation of 'omnibus" which means 'for all' in Latin as bprovides were supposed to be transport for everybody.

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The Superbus, developed by a Dutch engineer is the world's fastest bus through 250 km/h. Too bad it's just a protokind for now.