Say you room in Spain and you acquire introduced to someone in a, let"s say, formal context: how do you speak "nice to accomplish you"?

Also, is there any type of difference in Latin America? and also what if you are in an informal context?

My assumption: v is the something choose the following is fine:

Encantado de conocerte / conocerle

But it might be amazing to see various other options


As you show in the question

Encantado de conocerte / conocerle

may it is in the ideal option. If it is a formal paper definition I would favor the "usted" form.

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Other develops would be

Mucho gusto en conocerle / Encantado de conocerle

which is occasionally shortened as

Mucho gusto



Which makes additionally valid

(Es) Un placer (Es un placer conocerle)


Puedes usar está an easy oración:

Un gusto en conocerte


Un gusto...

Pero dependiendo de la confianza:

Me gustó conocerte, la verdad que la pasé muy bien con vos...




Nice to fulfill you = Encantada de conocerte/Mucho gusto/Encantado

It’s nice to watch you - Que gusto de verte (informal)

I’m glad to view you - Que gusto de verlo (formal)

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