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For those that have actually done the transmission fluid change, what brand and type did you go with? did you continue to be with the Nissan Matic K or something else? Thanks.
For those that have done the transmission liquid change, what brand and type did you walk with? did you continue to be with the Nissan Matic K or miscellaneous else? Thanks.
Your going come hear everything on this question..... There room superior fluids ~ above the market and a couple of those room maxlife ATF and wolfshead. Through Nissan ns would indicate using matic k till 60,000. You have the right to buy that online relatively reasonable. Everyone will certainly say Nissan can"t make you usage that and I agree however you trying to fight Nissan is choose pissing up a rope.


I used whatever the dealer placed in... Yet now I"m an altering it myself this time so I"m going for a artificial fluid. Either Wols Head or Amsoil, haven"t made my mind increase yet. However will change it in ~ the week, so will certainly decide soon.
Just carry out my second transmission fluid company at 72,000 miles. Ns did my first one in ~ 30,000 mile then chose to press it come 40,000 miles. Sticking v Nissan tranny fluid. I"m probably being a small overly cautious because it is a newer power train. With full synthetic fluids, I"d say transforming it every 50,000 miles is plenty an excellent unless friend tow all the time. The an ext you tow and also work the truck, the much more frequent the trans fluid should be changed., JMHO

We introduce the OE Multi-Vehicle man-made automatic transmission fluid from Amsoil.It"s formulated through friction modifiers that makes the trans change fast v smooth clutch engagement. And it has an excellent wear protection.Contact me directly and also I"ll acquire you 25% off retail.

I recognize we have had actually a lot speak on tranny fluid changing. If i am do the fluid adjusted to an additional brand or type. Is it suitable to just drop the pan and change the fluid and filter like has actually been well defined in other threads or have to a one more procedure be performed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I just did a drain and also fill and used the AMSOIL signature series. I use to have a rise between 2nd and third and third and 4th. That"s gone now completely. I have a theory. The surging never happend ~ above cold mornings and also in truth the transmission shifted like silk an initial drive in the morning. That"s because the liquid is thickest at that point. As soon as it warms up the tranny would start to surge again. Ns think the AMSOIL fluid is thicker and that"s why mine tranny move smooth now whether warm or cold.

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I am not an Amsoil dealer of promoter yet the Amsoil OE Multi-Vehicle trans liquid saved the infection in my 2005 Titan. That is good stuff
I just readjusted the Tranny fluid and filter on mine 2016 diesel XD Sunday. Never ever attempted this on any other auto because ns know enough to it is in dangerous however was a reasonably simple job that take it a couple of hours because I take it my time. I supplied AMSOIL Signature collection Multi-Vehicle man-made Auto transmission Fluid and the OEM Filter. I first attempted come suck the tranny fluid from the filler tube through two various pumps the have constantly served me fine from Jabsco but I only managed to get about a quart and a half thru the dipstick and I had actually the tube thrust down as much as it would allow. Drained tranny by remove plug however as abovementioned there is more than likely at least 1/2 of a quart laying in the pan after ~ it stops dripping therefore I placed the drainpipe plug earlier in before removing the pan which preserved em indigenous spilling that half quart when I dropped pan. Removed teh filter to be a breeze other than for the reality that when I traction it off v tranny oil wet gloves the slipped the end of mine hands and also splashed right into the tranny liquid that was dumped and also splattered mine driveway pavers previous the dropcloth and pan....wife is gonna death me....Listening come the tranny clunk right into Drive and reverse after refilling is disconcerting yet after 10 or so move going back and soon from D come R and also driving approximately block a couple of times the went away and all seemed well other than my tranny irradiate did not go off. It to be worrying me once I drove to autozone and also engine password reader verified that it was throwing a P0770 (I think the was right) that my password reader was no picking up. Although Autozone would not reset code I continued to drive truck that night because it was moving perfectly. After i shut down and also restarted...waalaaa the At examine light was off. Most likely took at least 10 restarts that the engine.Have propelled it around 500 miles due to the fact that Saturday and truck move smooth and also feels great. So much have changed oil and also filter, Fuel filters and tranny fluid and filter and without a hitch. Following items are differentials (Amsoil) and adding Mag-Hytec behind Diff cover (GM 14_9.5), and transfer instance (stuck come Nissan product).Interesting note when I adjusted Oil and also filter. Ns purchased mine 2016 Titan as a leftover in January 2017. In ~ 10,000 miles had actually oil and also filter readjusted by dealership (November 2017). When I adjusted oil and filer myself in in march 2017 at 20,500 mile my oil filter (fleetguard? no Nissan brand) was rusty. The lip was rusty and parts of the filer top top sides to be rusty. Been an altering oil for 20 year boy my cars and never experienced a rusty oil filter...but then again i never had actually a filter on the automobile for 2 years? Either i am a paranoid ******* or mine friends at Nissan charged me to adjust oil and also filter and also did not. In 2016 gift a first model year truck ns assume the Cummings ceded engine through fleetguard filters but when ns asked Nissan what filter tehy use....they claimed nothing but Nissan Brand! Of course they confirmed me whereby filter was billed to my account (of course) yet I have a emotion I journey 20,000 mile son exact same oil and also filter! now that is bullshit. Do it yourself if you want it excellent right.