L> Nothing but the TruthIn Avi"s publication Nothing however the Truth, nearlyeveryone has actually an opinion, yet the means each character claims his or she opinionalmost assures that the totality story will never come out. Beloware 2 representative opinions native Nothing however the Truth.It take away careful, vital reading to acquire at the truth.Transcript from the Jake Barlow talk ShowJAKE BARLOW:Then there"s the president, who"s stated he would certainly be an educationpresident. But he"s got his work cut out for him. I"m tellingyou because here"s a little bit of a story, little bit of a story, that came in overthe wires. Don"t know if you witnessed this. Allow me read it come you.Now, hear up! This is America. I average it! WLRBasking you--Jack Barlow asking you--what girlfriend think that this.Now, remember, I"m no making this up. Nobody of it. I"m readingit! "KICKED OUTOF college FOR PATRIOTISM." Right. Girlfriend heard me correct."KICKED out OF SCHOOLFOR PATRIOTISM." but you ain"theard naught yet. Hear to this! "Harrison, new Hampshire." whereby in the world isHarrison? In the unified States? In America? listen up,New Hampshire. All their auto plates read "Live totally free or die."Well, other died, due to the fact that this is what is going on there appropriate now!Here that is. The whole story. Ideal in the morning news.I"m simply quoting. "A tenth grader was suspended fromhis regional school because he sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" throughout theschool"s morning exercises. The boy, Philip Malloy, that wished tosing in the spirit of patriotism, to be then forced to remain house alone,since both his parental work. English teacher Margaret Narwin, whobrought around the suspension, maintains the young was making a nuisance ofhimself." would you think it? Wouldyou believe it. Okay, this is WLRB, all-talk radio. Take ashort break, climate come right earlier to talk around whatever you want.Man, yet I"m informing you: what"s happening come this country!MEMOHARRISON institution DISTRICTWhere Our children Are Educated, Not simply TaughtTO: MRS. GLORIA HARLAND, CHAIRMAN, college BOARDFROM: DR. A. SEYMOURRE: SUSPENSION of PHILIP MALLOY1. The is the practice in all Harrison schools that eachand every morning--during homeroom period--the nationwide anthem is playedover the announcement system. It is component ofour general ongoing regimen of support for timeless American values.2. At such times every students space asked to "Please allrise and also stand at respectful, quiet attention. . . ."In previous years ours desire for a dignified moment of patriotism has actually beenfirmly maintained. In ~ no time in the history of this regime hasany disturbance been recorded.3. On march 28, march 29, and March 30, Philip Malloydeliberately led to a disturbance in his homeroom course (Margaret Narwin,a teacher the twenty years" standing) by singing the nationwide anthem ina loud, raucous, disrespectful fashion, thereby drawing attentionto himself and also away indigenous the words. Over there are solid indicationsthat he was acting the end some personal animosity towards the teacher in questionfor factors unknown. His school performance has actually been inferior.(It has been suggested that there may be difficulties in the house arena.Please note, however, the the legislation requires institutions to keepsuch personal information confidential.)4. As soon as requested by his teacher, miss Narwin, top top thefirst occasion to preserve a dignified an answer to the national anthem,Philip Malloy did so, though reluctantly. ~ above the second and thirdoccasions, he repetitive his disrespectful acts, and also when he refuse to stop,he was--as a issue of course--sent to Assistant primary Dr. Joseph Pallenifor discipline.5. Philip Malloy--when offered the opportunity--did notdispute the above facts.6. Students that were in the class at the time ofthe events confirm these events.7. Top top the third occurrence, Philip Malloy to be requested1) to promise the he would show an perspective of respect toward our nationalanthem and 2) come apologize come his teacher and also his classmates for his rudebehavior. He refused, selecting the alternative of suspension himself.8. Dr. Palleni, adhering to district indict approvedby the school Board, because of this suspended Philip Malloy from class for twodays in really hopes that the would discover to show appropriate respect toward the nationalanthem and also his school, teacher, and also fellow students.DR. A. SEYMOURSuperintendent that SchoolsSome tools that will help you acquire at the truth, thewhole truth, and nothing however the reality .

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