Nihil sub single novum - nothing under the sun is new.Sub sole nihil novi est - over there is nothing brand-new under the sun.It method there is nothing novel or newly produced in existence, that every little thing comes from, has been done, or has actually existed in the past.

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Åse Kleveland - naught Is brand-new Under the SunI have the right to tell you around an old man1, someone who had a lengthy lifeI have the right to tell you around an old man, who who had a lengthy lifeHe was2 so nice when he inquiry me around what had happened to meAnd if the sun had scorched me

Gali Atari - there is a minute hereThere is nothing brand-new under the warm sun*Maybe it"s simply the rather that the storm left behindWhat there is between us us won"t share through anyoneSo the the magic won"t dissipate and we"ll continue to be alone

Angel Olsen - love Shaped FaceI"ve viewed you changingI"ve viewed you changing

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1.It's not all sunshine and also roses
2.plot twist
3.(To) handle with son (or kit) gloves
5.Your slip is showing
6.The sky is fallout’s (down)!
7.Wife material
8.Snitches acquire stitches
9.Ixnay ~ above the upidstay
10.what's poppin
11.Light a fire under (someone)
12.Beat (or ride) like a rented mule
13.clean up the mess

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A bit on the nose
15.pull that thread