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Fallin' apartYou might've assumed I was playing a component in the arts I've createdBut many of the indigenous reflect what's happened or what is wait to begin happenin'I keep on damagin' myself, tryna to fill the voidWith every this water 'round my neck, I'm 'bout to drip until I drownAll this drugs up in my nose, ns taste the drip, that shit's for this reason sourAll this cars that ns bought one of two people don't start or they gained impoundedPursue the American dream, the nightmare's what ns doubtedCatch a flight to London or I'll record a trip to LyonShow my confront in public, show another one in ~ homeSee my surname on the marquee, letter falling downLittering a cold dark street somewhere downtownSoon together I got to cloud nine, it began stormin'Heavy thunderstorms in every city the I'm tourin'Life ain't prefer a lab video, that's simply a warnin'Hopin' to watch the sun as soon as I wake up up in the mornin'All this misery, misery, misery, fuckLook in ~ my history, no an enig where I can end up, simply shut upDon't wanna listen it, it's mine decisionMay it is in my critical words so simply please listenSo long, it's been torture bein' hereSo gone, obtaining high been how I cope with fearSame song and I'm noble of singin' itLet me relocate on, it's for my benefitBut come one, come every to my downfallBear evil to every little thing that i can't solveMy therapist made me promise prior to I end it allThat her phone would be the one I choose to call, crying, asking"Is it really worth it?What's beneath the surface or behind the curtain?"Really don't think i wanna take this any type of furtherMade one critical attempt to figure out my purposeI called her phone, it claimed not in service
When life gets difficult (Gets hard)Keep top top marchin' ~ above (Keep ~ above marchin' on)Even if the complete line is much or you need to push the car (Push the car)Keep ~ above marchin' top top (Keep top top marchin' on, not in service)When life gets difficult (Gets hard)Keep ~ above marchin' top top (Keep on marchin' on)Even if the complete line is much or you have to push the automobile (Push the car)Keep on marchin' top top (Keep on marchin' on)