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Grand heart Gems Help!

» Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:46 pm

hello i just proclaimed a new person ~ above oblivion and i remained in forstag spire when i thought to myself i need some grand soul gems to make things. Therefore on to my suggest does anybody understand where to discover a grand heart gem that currently has a spirit level that grand due to the fact that i cant find any. I would really evaluate some aid :flamethrower:
Amy MelissaPosts: 3390Joined: Fri Jun 23, 2006 2:35 pm

» sat Jul 24, 2010 11:23 am

What is her level? most soulgems are randomly found in conjurer dungeons, IIRC. There are a few places through 100% grand heart gems, however they aren"t filled. You need to fill them yourself, and also most grand souls room level 20+. Because that example, a Xivilai v a grand heart spawns when you fight level 22.The ideal thing is when you uncover a grand soulgem and you aren"t level 20+ yet, do a black color soulgem out of it and trap part NPCs.
Alkira climbed NankivellPosts: 3417Joined: Tue Feb 27, 2007 10:56 pm
It"s just around impossible to obtain a grand soul gem through a grand spirit in it before level 12. That"s as soon as empty grand heart gems start showing up. There"s a really slim possibility of recognize one in random loot prior to that, but an extremely slim, and not much before that. It"s far more likely that if girlfriend do uncover a grand heart gem, it"s going to already have a soul in it, and it"s going to be small or probably lesser. And also even if friend do discover an north grand soul gem, the earliest biology to present up that has actually a grand heart is a minotaur lord, at level 18, so also if friend can gain an north one, there"s naught (or nearly nothing - I"ll gain to that) to fill it with. The most basic thing to execute is to steal two of them native the Arcane University. There room two grand soul gems with grand souls in a locked display case in the foyer the the AU. And also really the only other means to get a filled grand spirit gem prior to level 12 (or really, for all intents and also purposes, before level 15, due to the fact that that"s as soon as they start arriving in vendor"s inventories and also creatures v grand souls don"t start getting here until level 18), is to obtain an empty grand heart gem, convert it come a black heart gem, then use it to trap an NPC soul. Every NPC souls room grand level, however they deserve to only be trapped in black spirit gems.

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The Unidentified Mutton Uderfrykte Matron constantly has a cool soul. So if girlfriend can acquire your hands on an empty grand heart gem, walk to Dive Rock and also take her on. Carry fire based weapons and spells...