The first chunin test was placed on hold because of the strike by Momoshiki, but now the the instant threats room out, starting Boruto illustration 221 the chunin exams will resume.

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Konoha has actually been the center of attention for evildoers because that the longest period of time.

The last time Naruto chose to organize the Chunin exam, Momoshiki appeared and also blew the totality stadium.

Thus the chunin test was stopped to take treatment of the instant threat against Konoha and the rest of the five good nations. But now the Naruto has actually lost Kurama, he has grown weaker than before.

Naruto feels favor there’s a require for stronger and also talented shinobis since of the ongoing attacks versus Konoha and also the various other nations.

Even despite Isshiki has actually been defeated, lock still have actually Code to transaction with.

Will Boruto be enabled to fight in ~ his full strength? Boruto has much more experience 보다 a veteran after ~ fighting Momoshiki, Isshiki, and also Boro.

His karma offers him significant strength and also using the in the chunin exam is surely walk to it is in unfair because that the other participants. Just how will this go?

Update: much less than 3 hrs remain before the English subbed variation of the episode airs online.

Boruto illustration 221 release Date

No rest this week!

The goal of this Chunin exam is to recruitment talented shinobi with various fields the expertise. Shinobi’s from various nations will certainly participate and also maybe we will gain to watch some dark horses.

Like every week, Boruto Ep 221 will certainly be airing this Sunday on 24th October 2021.

The title of the illustration is “The Chunin exam resumes” and the English subbed will certainly air a few hours after the Japanese version.

The complete episode will certainly be available to clock on the Crunchyroll main website. Boruto is tho not accessible to watch on Netflix, but we hope it gets noted soon.

Now that we have questioned the relax date and also where you have the right to watch the episode.

Let’s take it look at Boruto: Naruto next Generations Ep 221release time in countries like India, Brazil, UAE, UK, and United States.

Britian Time: 10:00 AMIndia Time: 3:00 PMEastern Time: 5:00 AMCentral Time: 4:00 AM

While us wait for the English subbed illustration to air, let’s take a look at the preview and what we have the right to expect to watch in the next episode.

One item Episode 996 will likewise air the same day together the Boruto anime episode, for this reason don’t forget to examine it out.

Boruto: Naruto following Generations illustration 221 Preview

To those who don’t great to talk about the upcoming illustration or read some spoilers, feel free to nearby this tab top top your internet browser or review our post on Tokyo Revengers thing 228.

At the finish of the last episode, a small preview was released that gave us a sneak peek of the chunin exams.

The location of Boruto Ep 221 is “The chunin test resumes”.

The an initial Chunin test was halted after Momoshiki got into the stadium and also released bolts that lightning and balls of fire all around the stadium.

No one was able to graduate as a Chunin and also that’s why Naruto is walk to organize a second one.

Now that Naruto has gotten weaker, he desires to recruitment talented solid shinobis who can aid build the stamin of the five good nations.

From the preview we watch Shikamaru, Sai, and Naruto at the begin of the test gate and also Boruto standing in prior of them. This second exam is no going to be any easier than the very first one.

But us think there are going come be details limitations and restrictions ~ above Boruto regarding how he uses his strength in the battle.

Like exactly how Naruto was not permitted his Senjutsu once he check to end up being a chunin ~ the pain arc, we suppose Boruto will certainly not be enabled to use Karma powers as well.

Most the the Konoha gennins will enter the exams to prove your might and also some could even get supported as a chunin.

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Since Boruto Ep 221 is an anime original episode, no source material is available and it to be not spanned in the manga. The anime initial will lug us some fresh content and will be surely entertaining.

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