Ouran HighSchool host Club is a Japanese harem, comedy and also romantic anime series. The anime is based on the novel collection of the exact same name composed by Bisco Hatori. The anime ran in 2006 because that 26 episodes and was the co-creation the Funimation and also Madman Entertainment. Together per the recent updates, the creator that the anime evidenced in in march 2016 the he would certainly be functioning on the contents to traction out Ouran HighSchool hold Club Season 2.

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The plot that the anime revolves about a young girl Haruhi Fujioka, who is a college student at Ouran Academy. The Academy is a high school for rich kids. One day she stumbles top top Music Room 3 the the school, wherein she finds the the room is used by six male college student to game female students of the school. During the encounter with the host club, she accidentally division a vase which costs 8 million Yen.

In order come repay it, she i do not care a member that the hold club, and also her masculine attire and also posture do it easy for she to look prefer a boy. She gains rather a popularity amongst the girls as result of a herbal disposition in the direction of the gender and also her to chat instincts.


Moreover in the first season viewers saw, Hikaru realized that how important is Tamaki come him and also being v the friend of the organize club. This to be after Tamaki gaining injured in the last episode of the very first season. In the Ouran HighSchool hold Club Season 2 both, Tamaki and Hikaru will certainly realize each other’s intentions and also the feelings for Haruhi while additionally realizing around the friendship between the two.

This will develop a tensed plot in the 2nd season, i beg your pardon may result in the instability in the hold Club. Also, the Tamaki and his father’s connection are going poor as shown in the very first season. V the instability in the host Club and the tension between Tamaki and his dad may cause him to do wrong options which will certainly greatly influence the story the the Ouran HighSchool hold Club season 2.

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The release date for Ouran HighSchool hold Club Season 2

It has been twelve years due to the fact that the anime series debuted on the television however the current updates by Bisco Hatori it is confirmed that season 2 will occur soon. The manufacturing studio Bones come up through 8 anime series in 2016, yet only 2-2 anime collection in 2017 and also 2018. That is report the studio has actually announced 4 anime collection for 2019 and might come increase with Ouran HighSchool organize Club Season 2. However, there has been no official announcement about the relax of Ouran HighSchool host Club season 2, fans room hoping it come be out in 2020.