Traffic moves on southbound interstate 25 just external Casper top top Thursday afternoon. The Wyoming Highway Patrol issued much more speeding citations to out-of-state motorists in both 2011 and 2012. 


Traffic move on southbound federal government 25 just external Casper on march 20, 2014. A report suggested Wyoming is falling behind in adopting key safety regulations for highways.

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just outside Casper in 2014. Wyoming ranks critical in the country for response times for roadway emergencies, follow to a recent study.

We’ve all been there. A journey on the wide-open federal government is interrupted through flashing red lights and the blare of a siren.

And an analysis shows that drivers whose patent plates no adorned v the Tetons and also the bucking steed are bearing the brunt that speeding citations approve by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Wyoming motorists do tally an ext tickets every capita 보다 their counterparts in any type of other state or region in north America. But the preponderance of ticket issued by the Highway Patrol below go come out-of-state drivers.

In 2011, the patrol authorize 22,000 speeding tickets to Wyoming drivers. Chauffeurs with out-of-state plates obtained 39,644 speeding tickets, follow to the state data.

In 2012, it was much more of the same. Wyoming vehicle drivers received 21,225 speeding tickets, contrasted with 39,596 for drivers from other locations in north America.

Wyoming’s multibillion-dollar tourism industry and also oft-used transportation mainlines room magnets because that out-of-state drivers. Yet their foreign status doesn’t drive the ticketing, claimed Col. Man Butler, Wyoming Highway Patrol administrator.

“We don’t base our enforcement action on what (the) key (is) and where the people are from,” he said.

Butler claimed tourists who obtain nabbed for their heavy feet sometimes complain and also vow never ever to go back to the state.

“Any time you driving external of your residence state, you need to be mindful for aggressive legislation enforcement,” stated John Bowman, spokesman for the Wisconsin-based National drivers Association. “It doesn’t surprised me that Wyoming issues more tickets come out-of-state than in-state drivers. The comes down to practicality.”

Bowman said chauffeurs traveling outside their residence state are easy pickings for law enforcement since they are much less likely to contest a speeding ticket in court. That a “slam dunk,” he said.

“If ns am a Wisconsin driver and get ticketed in Wyoming, most most likely I won’t be traveling ago to the state because that a court appearance to dispute the ticket,” archer said.

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The says that tallied the most tickets in Wyoming were Colorado, Utah, California, Montana, Idaho and Texas.