Listen to OZZY OSBOURNE Talk around His new 'See you On The other Side' crate Set

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To coincide v today"s (Friday, November 29) relax of his new "See friend On The other Side" box set on Sony Legacy, Ozzy Osbourne has actually taped a one-of-a-kind edition that his "Ozzy Speaks" present for his Ozzy"s Boneyard channel top top SiriusXM. Hear to Ozzy talk around the set with great friend/guitarist Billy Morrison and SiriusXM host Jose Mangin here. At the very same time, fans deserve to watch a special preview of one of the 12 AR (Augmented Reality) experiences from the set below.

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The "See girlfriend On The other Side" box collection is the critical vinyl collection of every one of Ozzy"s original solo material. The package includes 16 albums of 24 piece of vinyl (173 songs total), a seven-inch flexi disc, 10 posters, 12 AR (Augmented Reality) experiences, and an personally numbered vellum certificate the authenticity, personal autographed by Ozzy Osbourne.

The box set will be followed by the release of Ozzy"s brand-new album, "Ordinary Man", due out on Epic Records in early on 2020; the marks Osbourne"s very first new solo music in almost 10 years. The album has been previewed by two singles, "Under The Graveyard", a massive ballad that builds into a searing rocker, which arrived two weeks back and garnered an ext than 2.8 million worldwide streams in its very first week, and also the full-on rocker "Straight to Hell", wherein Ozzy takes listeners to the love of darkness, v GUNS N" ROSES guitarist Slash follow me for this devilish ride, transferring scorched-earth riffs.

Here space the details the the "See friend On The various other Side" box set:

Vinyl: 173 songs total on 16 albums, each of i beg your pardon is 150-gram, hand-pressed multi-colored splatter vinyl, make each pushing unique. Many of the albums are formerly unavailable or are right now out of publish on vinyl. The collection additionally includes "Flippin" The B Side", a brand-new collection that non-album tracks, which has actually never to be pressed come vinyl. In addition, "Black Rain", "Down come Earth" and also "Scream" have never to be pressed in the U.S., when "No more Tears" to be remastered indigenous the original flat analog album masters and also is offered as a two-LP set which will enable the album"s song to be uncompressed because that the very first time ever on vinyl.

Art: 10 freshly designed 24" x 36" posters (including some never-before-seen images) each accompany the 10 studio albums released in between 1981-2010.

AR: Twelve AR (Augmented Reality) experiences will certainly be consisted of throughout the package. Additional details will certainly be announced in the coming weeks.

Signed Certificate: every collection features an individually numbered vellum certificate the authenticity hand-signed by Ozzy.

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"This one"s the most elaborate collection so far," Ozzy says. "It"s very well thought-out and well placed together. It"s got every little thing in there the you possibly might want and some surprises along the way. The sound the a vinyl record is different, and I do think that vinyl sound better."

The complete list that vinyl (all of i beg your pardon contain the initial track-listings) is together follows:

* "Blizzard the Ozz", 1980* "Mr. Crowley" (EP), 45 RPM 1980* "Diary of A Madman",1981* "Bark in ~ The Moon", 1983* "The can be fried Sin", 1986* "Tribute" (2 LPs), 1987* "No rest For The Wicked", 1988* "Just to speak Ozzy" (EP), 1990* "No much more Tears", 1991* "Live & Loud" (3 LPs), 1993* "Ozzmosis" (2 LPs), 1995* "Down to Earth", 2001* "Live at Budokan", (2 LPs) 2002* "Black Rain" (2 LPs), 2007* "Scream" (2 LPs), 2010

Bonus attributes include:

"Flippin" The B Side"(a new collection the non-LP tracks)

Side A

"You Looking in ~ Me Looking at You"Originally from the "Crazy Train" UK 7" single, released 1980

"One increase The B Side"Originally indigenous "Bark in ~ The Moon" 7" single,released 1983

"Spiders"Originally native "Bark in ~ The Moon," 7" single,released 1983

"Hero"Originally a concealed track indigenous the "No rest For The Wicked" united state CD and also cassette release, exit 1988

"The Liar"Originally from the "Miracle Man" UK 12" single, released 1988

"Don"t reprimand Me"Originally native the "Mama I"m comes Home" UK 7" single, exit 1991

Side B

"Party with The Animals"Originally indigenous the "Mama I"m comes Home" united state CD single, released 1992

"Living with The Enemy"Originally native the "Perry Mason" UK CD single, exit 1995

"Voodoo Dancer"Originally native the "I simply Want You" UK CD single, exit 1996

"Back ~ above Earth"Originally from "The Ozzman Cometh" compilation, exit 1997

"No location For Angels"Originally from the "Gets Me Through" CD single, exit 2001

"Walk ~ above Water"Originally released on "Prince the Darkness," exit 2005

Flexi Disc, 7" (45 RPM)Unreleased variation of "See girlfriend On The other Side" (Demo)


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