As the just remaining member that the band, the singer no longer needs to compromise – whether that’s about making music or gift naked


Hello Brendon! Where space you and what’s happening?

I’m on the tour bus right now – we’re driving v Pennsylvania. I’m looking the end of the window and the pretty exciting. It’s for this reason boring. It’s just a forest and it’s awful.

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You seem like a male who keeps a tidy tourism bus.

We keep it quite clean. We only ask for part water and also some ingredient to make sandwiches.

That’s extremely reasonable.

I can be reasonable.

What does it say about you that everyone else has left her band? (1) Because you do seem favor a reasonable person. And yet …

I must have done something yes, really crazy. I don’t recognize what it was. Everybody want out from the panic thing. I mean, ns respect it; any time anyone wanted to leave, the reasons were there, so it wasn’t just a “fuck you”.

Don’t Threaten Me through a an excellent Time, the second single from death of a Bachelor.
Your new album has actually done an extremely well – in the US, you had actually your best ever first-week sales, and also it was your an initial No 1 album. (2) What’s the all about?

It’s very strange. I choose to think I’ve enhanced in state of manufacturing style and writing. Obviously, ns hope because that the finest whenever I job-related on something, yet I nothing think around it too much until the album is ultimately out. I’m so fortunate come still it is in doing what ns doing.

When did you last measure how tall girlfriend were?

Oh, man. Not since high school, probably.

Would you fairly be unusually high or person who is abnormal short?

I provided to be unusually short, and I think I’d like that to being unusually tall. If you’re unusually tall, that simply seems favor you’re fucked – you gangly and also uncoordinated, she ducking under doorways, it all simply seems awful. (3)

All this years later, would you take into consideration “I chime in through a ‘Haven’t you people ever heard of close up door the goddamn door?’” to be one of the finest pop lyrics ever before or one of the worst? the sits near one end of the spectrum.

I love the lyric. I remember thinking: “Fuck it – that’s going in the song.” i still think it’s awesome.

Are there dogs in her life, and if so exactly how many?

I have actually a jack russell terrier and a boston terrier.

What are their names?

Humphrey Bogart and also Penny Lane.

Absolutely incredible.

They’re both maniacs.


Urie performs at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London, in January. Photograph: Burak Cingi/RedfernsWhat occurred to the track you did through 5 seconds of Summer?

I’m creating all the time, and also whether songs finish up ~ above a panic album continues to be to it is in seen, yet I had actually a song and also I offered it come 5 seconds of Summer. Lock were right into it, yet I’m not sure what’s happening v it. That happens a lot of in the industry, it’s an extremely strange. World will go: “We’ll take it the song,” and sometimes things take place … various other times lock don’t.

And it’s dubbed Pretty in Pink?

Pretty in Ink, actually.

Is it around a lady through a tattoo?

Exactly. That’s what the is. As soon as I came up with that pun ns was really excited. I still really prefer that song, it was a fun minute writing it.

How many stars would certainly you offer Elvis Costello’s autobiography ~ above Amazon?

I’d provide it a solid 4 stars the end of five. (4) The stories where he talks about hanging out with Tom Waits are fun – walking to open up mic nights and also rapping end the microphone.

Apparently, you made fifty percent your new album naked. The doesn’t sound really practical.

You i will not ~ think so, yet it was on my property. After ~ waiting much more than 10 years to be able to do it, i just developed a studio in ~ my house. Once I’m in ~ home, i’m naked a lot. My mam finds that hilarious.

Are friend looking forward to being 30?

I’m therefore excited for 30. (5) i hear it’s OK. I’ll probably do the same stuff, but I’ll be more comfortable being that I am.

Are you no comfortable through who you space now?

I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin – occasionally a little too comfortable, which subsequently makes other world uncomfortable. I have actually no qualms: no shame, no guilt, no embarrassment. I tend to act out a lot. As soon as I’m the end and about in public and also I check out someone make the efforts to be the centre of attention, I constantly think: “What an asshole.” and I intend that’s how I come turn off to other people.

Having had actually all this success v your very first Panic album together a solo artist, has it arisen to you the you must have eliminated the remainder of the band a little bit earlier?

Yeah, right? i should have done this years ago! but it has been crazy, from the an initial split until now it has been a hell that a ride. I always wrote on my own, then after that I’d carry it to the band and also we’d all discuss and compromise. Now I write just the same, then ns don’t should compromise at all. I’ve never been much more comfortable in my own shoes, and wearing all these various hats.

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Are you wearing a cap now?

I am. I’m together a rock star!


(1) Bassist Brent Wilson left in 2006 and was changed by Jon Walker, who consequently left in addition to guitarist Ryan Ross in 2008. Drummer Spencer smith officially left the band in 2015. (2) fatality of a Bachelor includes songs referencing artists such as Frank Sinatra and also Queen. It’s quite a listen. (3) The tallest male in the world, Sultan Kosen, additionally has the world’s best hands. (4) Eighty-five reviews give Unfaithful Music and Disappearing squid an average rating of four stars, back one two-star testimonial notes that the publication – the autobiography – is “slightly self-regarding”. (5) Brendon will certainly be 30 on 12 April 2017. ~ above the work Brendon to be born, Texaco filed chapter 11 bankruptcy after ~ failing to work out legal disagreements with Pennzoil Co.

Panic! at the Disco play four sold-out reflects in the UK in November. Death of a Bachelor is out now on DCD2/ sustained by Ramen