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Party Party Party is a collection of tik videos in which individuals dance or referral parties come a sound clip the DJ Carisma"s 2015 track "Til The Morning" Featuring kris Brown and also Dej Loaf. The lyrics featured in the renowned 2019 tik sound clip room "Party, party, party pass me a cup, I"ll take a shot to the air favor yaddy yaddy yes yeah yeah He wanna take me home, placed me in the bed and feel mine body, body, body."

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On December 3rd, 2019, DJ Carisma uploaded the track "Til The Morning" featuring kris Brown and also Dej Loaf" to YouTube (shown below). The video clip gained over two million views in 4 years.

In June 2019, tiktok user uploaded and also implemented the original "Til The Morning" sound clip (shown below). The original article has since been deleted however
faniibabyy dueted the initial with a the caption, "yes, I produced this sound & that is been everywhere the fyp