"sweep and also mop in spanish meaning and an interpretation in english" at online dictionary. Definition of sweep and also mop in spanish definition and an interpretation in english. What is an additional word for sweep and also mop in spanish meaning and definition in english? This is the right location where friend will obtain the ideal information. What does sweep and mop in spanish definition and meaning in english? However, check sweep and also mop in spanish definition and meaning in english in ~ our online dictionary below.

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1. Sweep and also mop - Spanish translate into – Linguee

https://www.linguee.com/english-spanish/translation/sweep+and+mop.htmlMany translated example sentences include "sweep and also mop" – Spanish-English dictionary and also search engine for Spanish translations.

2. Sweep with a mop - Spanish translation - word Magic English ...

https://www.wordmagicsoft.com/dictionary/en-es/sweep%20with%20a%20mop.phpAug 19, 2019 ... Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage examples of English native "sweep v a mop"

3. Sweep and also mop the floors - Spanish translate in – Linguee

https://www.linguee.com/english-spanish/translation/sweep+and+mop+the+floors.htmlMany translated example sentences comprise "sweep and mop the floors" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

4. Please sweep and mop the floor | Spanish Translator

https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/please%20sweep%20and%20mop%20the%20floorTranslate you re welcome sweep and mop the floor. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and also word-by-word explanations.

5. Mop - WordReference.com thesaurus of English


mop · to clean or wipe with or together if through a mop (often fol. By up):First he swept, then he mopped up. · Idiomsmop the floor with. Check out floor (def. 15). · mop up:.

6. Sweep in Spanish | English to Spanish translate in - SpanishDict

https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/sweepMi equipo favorito arrasó en la competencia contra sus rivales. Intransitive verb. 8. (to clean up through a broom).

7. Sweep and also mop - Translation right into Spanish - instances English ...

https://context.reverso.net/translation/english-spanish/sweep+and+mopTranslations in context of "sweep and mop" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: simply sweep and also mop the floor.

8. MOP | definition of MOP through Oxford dictionary on Lexico.com likewise ...

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What is the meaning of MOP? ... Main meanings of mop in English. : mopmopMOP. Mop1. Pronunciation /mɒp/. Check out synonyms for mop. Analyze mop right into Spanish ...

9. Mop | meaning of Mop by Merriam-Webster

https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mopplease sweep the floor in spanish