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Main Walkthrough PageSea Mauville- In order to reach the Sea Mauville you must travel along the watery passage between Routes 105 and also 109. Special, you want to look at on route 108, a fairly short jaunt west indigenous the beaches near Slateport City. You have the right to visit here on your first possible trip, despite you need Dive to reallyexplore the Sea Mauville.- once you come at the wreck of the good ship you\"ll find two trainers outside. It\"s pretty basic to avoid both of castle if girlfriend don\"t feel prefer fighting. You deserve to board the ship itself by Surfing approximately the submerged sheet of the deck.Tuber CharlieCorphish, level 28
- Head ago into the hallway and also look come the south. There\"s Divable water ahead. Look at on the best side that the water for a Max Repel
, climate Dive into the depths. Meander southward through the submerged corridor and also you\"ll struggle an intersection; head northeast to start. You\"ll wind up at a ar to surface, enabling you to accessibility the second fifty percent of the vault corridor.- The room on her left upon arising from the water is open, and also creepy, however otherwise useless appropriate now. Return to the corridor and shot to head north and some arbitrarily dude will ask you come alert him around treasures. Sure, guy. There room some interesting notes in the room ~ above the right, and also you deserve to grab a White Herbat the finish of the passage,but the most essential thing to check here is the tiny girl in the north. She\"ll give you the Key to Room 1.- prior to leaving, examine out the unlocked door in the eastern hallway, down and to the left of the demanding dude. You\"ll gain a creepy post inside. Suspect you have actually the national Dex, examine the left side of the book shelf in the top-left edge of the room. You\"ll check out something around an strange Keystone. Go into any component of the food selection that consist of both screens, then go back to the map. The Keystone will certainly be floating behind you - and also a Spiritomb will attack immediately after girlfriend jump ago to the action. Not quitea legendary pokemon, but good enough.- Dive again and return come the first half the the hallway. You deserve to use the vital on the top-left door. Within you\"ll uncover a Dive Balland a pair that trainers.Check the shelving ~ above the left side of the room because that theKey come Room 2.

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May Dives beneath the dry decks of the Sea Mauville in search of treasure.
Mysterious sister Scall & Ion
Chingling, level 29Kirlia, level 28