This page is for the original game Boy advance versions the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.For the Nintendo 3DS remakes, visit my PokémonOmega Ruby and also Alpha Sapphire Walkthrough.

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Petalburg Gym

After girlfriend get 4 gym badges, you deserve to return come Petalburg City and difficulty the Normal type gym whereby your dad Norman is the leader.



This is a Normal-type gym. Normal-type pokémon room weak come Fighting moves. In addition, if girlfriend haveGhost-type pokémon, they space immune come Normal-type moves. However, Normal-type pokémon space immuneto Ghost moves, so her Ghost-type pokémon will need to have actually some non-Ghost attacks.

Some the the trainers in this Gym use Delcattys that know Sing. It deserve to be an extremely annoying to have to wake her pokémon increase over and over again, for this reason if girlfriend have any pokémon v the crucial Spirit or Insomnia ability, it could help. You can also get Chesto Berries and give lock to your pokémon come hold.

Not just that, however these Delcattys space female and also they understand Attract, and they have actually the Cute Charm ability,which will reason male pokémon to autumn in love through them and not be able to attack.Use mrs pokémon versus them, or a pokémon with the Oblivious ability, because they room immune to infatuation.

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The Petalburn Gym has actually several rooms. In every room, there is one trainer who specializes in making use of a details battle item in ~ the start of the battle, boosting a stat that the pokémon.In the first room, you have the right to either get in the rate Room on the left or the Accuracy Room on the right.

Speed Room

The trainer in the speed Room uses an X speed on a level 27 Delcatty (level 26 Swellow inEmerald).The worst part about this room is handling Delcatty"s song move. V its enhanced speed,it is likely to walk first, unless you usage a relocate like Quick attack in order to walk first.Even worse, Delcatty to know Attract and also has the Cute Charm ability, so be certain to either use female pokémon or pokémon that have actually the Oblivious ability, because they areimmune come infatuation.

Afterward, if friend go v the door on the left, you enter the Zero palliation Room (Confusion Room in Emerald),and if you go with the door on the right, you get in the Defense Room.

Accuracy Room

The trainer in the Accuracy Room offers an X Accuracy top top a level 27 Delcatty(level 26 in Emerald).This room is more than likely a bit simpler than the rate room. The Delcatty"s moves won"t miss,but if friend have fast pokémon, they can probably move prior to Delcatty does. This makes it lesslikely the Delcatty will use Sing before your pokémon can attack. But, as proclaimed above, be sure toprotect yourself against infatuation if possible.

Afterward, if friend go v the door on the left, you enter the Defense Room,and if friend go through the door top top the right, you go into the recovery Room.

Zero reduction Room/Confusion Room

In Ruby and also Sapphire, the trainer in the Zero reduction room supplies a guard Spec top top a level 27 Linoone.Guard Spec avoids stat reduction, so because that example, Sand assault would typically reduce the opponent"s accuracy,but in this battle, the security Spec prevents Linoone"s accuracy indigenous decreasing.

In Emerald, the trainer in the man room has a level 26 Spinda the inflicts Confusionon your pokémon. Switch out your pokémon or usage Restores or berries to cure the confusion.

Afterward, girlfriend can go into the assault room.

Defense Room

The trainer in the Defense Room supplies an X Defense on a level 27 Linoone (level 26 Wigglytuffin Emerald).

Afterward, you have the right to go left to with the assault room or go best to with the One-Hit KO Room.

Recovery Room

The trainer in the recovery Room provides potions ~ above a level 27 Linoone (level 26 Slakoth in Emerald).You will must deal a lot of damages in a quick amount of time in order to loss this pokémon.Try utilizing sacrifice moves favor Overheat or Selfdestruct.

Afterward, friend can get in the One-Hit KO Room.

Attack Room

The trainer in the attack room offers an X attack on a level 27 Zangoose (level 26 Vigoroth in Emerald).Try making use of a form of pokémon that is solid against typical attacks, such together Ghost, Rock, or Steel.

Afterward, you can go to the Gym Leader"s room.

One-Hit KO Room

The trainer in the One-Hit KO Room uses a Dire hit on a level 27 Zangoose (level 26 Zangoose in Emerald).Dire Hit boosts the chance that the opponent will do a crucial hit. Try using a form of pokémon that is solid against common attacks, such together Ghost, Rock, or Steel. The can additionally be beneficial to use a pokémon through the Sturdy ability, so also if it it s okay hit witha crucial hit, it will survive.

Afterward, you have the right to go to the Gym Leader"s room.

Gym Leader Norman

For the battle versus Norman, i STRONGLY recommend that you bring a pokémon the knows protect or a similarmove. Two of Norman"s pokémonare Slakings, and they each have actually the Truant ability, which way that ~ above every various other turn, they execute nothing.You deserve to defeat them quickly if you attack on the turn once they execute nothing, then use protect on the turnwhen they attack. Protect will always work, because you room not utilizing it consecutively.If you do this properly, castle won"t have the ability to do any damage to you in ~ all.

Also, Norman"s level 31 Slaking knows emphasis Punch, a Fighting move where the Slaking focuses its energy prior to attacking. Yet if her pokémon can assault first, you will certainly break the Slaking"s concentrationand it won"t be able to attack. Therefore, if you usage a relocate like quick Attack, friend will constantly break Slaking"s concentration and also prevent the attack.

All 3 of Norman"s pokémon understand Facade, a move that becomes lot stronger if the pokémon that usesFacade is poisoned, paralyzed, or burned. Therefore don"t inflict those status problems on Norman"s pokémon!

After the Battle

After friend defeat her dad, he offers you the Balance Badge, increasing the defense of all of your pokémon,and permits you to usage Surf exterior of battle. He also gives friend TM42 Facade, which, as stated before, is lot stronger if the pokémon utilizing Facade is poisoned, paralyzed, or burned.

After the battle, walk outside and also go into the residence to the left that the gym. Speak to Wally"s father toget HM03 Surf. Girlfriend will require to have a pokémon that knows Surf if you want to with the next part ofthe game.

Back in Littleroot Town, you can talk to your mom and also she will give you an Amulet Coin since you defeatedyour dad.

I introduce going to Mauville City and talking come Gym Leader Wattson, that is walking about outside.He offers you the Basement vital and asks you to shut under the generator in new Mauville.Now the you can teach Surf to a pokémon and use it external of battle, you deserve to reach new Mauville.Surf under the bicycle route in course 110 to reach the northeast cave beyond the water. Usage the basementkey top top the locked door come enter brand-new Mauville. Friend can complete the generator quest if girlfriend want, but much more importantly, ns recommend catching Voltorb and also Magnemite in here. If you room really lucky, girlfriend mightencounter Electrode or Magneton. This are an extremely helpful in the following gym.

Otherwise, feel totally free to Surf in the locations of water that you couldn"t check out before. There are countless gooditems and new areas to find.

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When you are ready, go eastern from Mauville City and Surf across the water come reachRoute 118.