File Name:Pokemon XD - Gale that Darkness (USA).7z
Year that release:2005

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness ROM Download for GameCube

Cartoons room an unforgettable part of anyone’s childhood and when it comes to our favourite ones- Pokemon, Shinchan, Ben 10 space the names friend surely cannot miss out on out.

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Pokeman had constantly been and still is a pleasure for many kids, therefore what about enjoying one adventure game based upon Pokemon? If you are a pan of Pokeman, you must examine out our video clip game recommendation just right below for you and also its POKEMON XD GALE that DARKNESS!

Here is every little thing you should know around this game ‘Pokemon Gale of Darkness’ and also how you can play this game on your computer.

Game Play

In the Pokemon Gale that Darkness video clip game, the player needs to collect a different variety of zero Pokemon, each having special power of its own. When the Pokemon is captured, the player has to purify the captured Pokemon in any of the two modes namely; by putting it in the Purification room or by using Pokemon Colosseum. While wash and clean the Pokeman, the Pokemon gains energy and gets prepared to combat opponents. These purified Pokemon have the right to then be supplied by football player to battle versus the Pokemon of opponents.

The target of the game is to catch the Pokemon and also to usage them to loss the opponents. This game even features 83 various kinds that Pokemon and also exceptional graphics and also audio-visual impacts to mesmerize its users.

Features:83 different Pokemons come capture.Different maps because that each activity.Multiplayer setting to pat with various other friends.

Best Emulator for Pokemon Gale that Darkness

To pat the Pokemon Gale of Darkness video game on PC, the user must have a GameCube emulator. This emulator i.e., the GameCube emulator can be downloaded from for free. The Pokemon Gale the Darkness game can be quickly downloaded top top your pc from the over website.

There space plenty the GameCube emulators accessible online . Right here are our finest picks the GameCube emulators

Dolphin Emulator

Emulate classic Gamecube games with it.Play various other console games namely Nintendo and Wii gamesRun game on 1080p resolution.


Available for WIndowsPerfectly emulates GameCube games.


Available for home windows PC, Linux computer or a Mac.Features choose High-level sound and graphics emulation.Open source emulator and also free.

Similar Games

Three games to love if you favor Pokemon Gale that Darkness. They are:

Pokemon Colosseum: It is a role-playing video game the the Pokemon video clip game series which have the right to be accessed native the GameCube emulator. The is based upon the very same gameplay together Pokemon Gale that Darkness however features brand-new elements like stealing opponent"s Pokemon and also different step in multiplayer and single player mode.Pokemon battle Revolution:It is an upgrade of Pokemon Gale the Darkness series and features 16 new battlefields for Pokeman of different kinds. This update does not have story mode however presents added elements which have the right to be provided while attack opponents’ Pokemon.

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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire:This was the very first version the the Pokemon video clip gaming series. This variation only enables the player to use its Pokemon to fight against the Pokemon of the opponent and also to win points. It can be accessed on the Gameboy emulator.