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I battled team steam at there base and i guess i forgot to grab the alpha scripture or something... All i know is i can"t get back into the team steam base, none of the team steam members talk to you, i can"t battle the gym leader or go in the cave in drake breath city. What do i do?

I did the same thing. Forgot the alpha scripture. Now i can"t get back in the team steamsecret base. Does anybody know what to do?

I had some good pokemon... But instead of the alpha scripture i went to heal... Then ican"t get back...

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I think it"s another reset glitch. I had the problem in the lauren league too. Try goingback and finding a spot in the game where a situation has reset. Play back through to seeif it fixes it.

I can"t talk to team steam and can"t enter their base. I"ve put the uniform on and triedto see if that worked but nothing. I have tried reseting multiple times and nothing isworking.

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I realized i forgot the scripture when i talked to jasmine and nothing happened, all i didwas go back to the base (didnt need uniform), walked up to the top floor, and grabbed thescripture off the ground :/

I tried going back and doing old battles and missions but some of them want even talk tome. And i can"t find a legitimate walk through walls code to get back in. Please help

I"m stuck at that same point. I tried the suit on and reset, but nothing, steam won"t movenor talk. Can"t cheat with walkthrough either as i"m playing on my phone..Am i condemned to replay all the game?Thanx for helping

I"ve beat all the team steam lot in the base and got the last alpha scripture but when igo back out side i can"t get past the two bosses and they don"t talk

Ce2cccb2 5d8d815dUse this cheat and enter the team steam base. (its a walk thru walls cheat. ) then go tothe gate on the right and proceed to the end. In the last room, on the left you"ll see apage... Y thing. Interact with it and then go back to yellow town to proceed

I used the walk-through wall cheat, got in, everything seemed to go right, then i got tothe top floor, encountered a mewtwo and caught it, but still no alpha scripture!! What doi do now? I think there"s nothing left to do but to reset everything...

Walk into the base and go to the top floor with the two admins. In the space ahead ofthem, to the left, is a large brown object. That is the alpha scripture. Just pick it upand get outta there! Hope this helps. -j

I got the sculpture thingy and went back to jasmine. I was in fast forward and now i dontknow where to go.