The Strength capability will permit you to with a lot of locations that were formerly inaccessible. In bespeak to gain Strength, you will need to navigate the Safari zone maze to find the Warden\"s lacking item. See step 1 below to learn exactly how to discover it and also claim stamin for yourself.

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Enter the Safari Zone. This deserve to be discovered on the north edge of Fuchsia City. Girlfriend can acquire to Fuchsia City by using the PokeFlute you acquired in from completing the Pokémon Tower in Lavender City.When you\"re in the Safari Zone, girlfriend only have 500 procedures until friend are immediately taken earlier out. Do every action count!Find the gold Teeth. The Warden in Fuchsia City has lost his Gold teeth in the Safari Zone. If friend find and also return them that will offer you HM04, which includes Strength. The Gold teeth are situated deep in the Safari Zone.When you first enter the Safari Zone, walk to the right and then up until you find the exit on the ideal edge that the screen.Walk come the ideal on the brand-new screen until you discover the stair in the rock. Go up the stairs and then walk earlier to the right. Go under the other collection of stairs, walk around the cliff and then walk towards the height of the screen. Rise the stairs in the following rock area, and also then climb under the various other stairs come the right. Circle ago around the rocks and also exits the screen on the left side.Walk left on the brand-new screen, passing the very first set the stairs in the rock. To walk up till you watch the second rock formation. Rise the stairs and then walk to the left and also down. Climb down the stairway in the rock. Walk directly up, maintaining the bushes on your left. You will pass two tiny lakes, and also then the bushes will certainly curve come the right. Monitor them about until the bush wall surface ends. Circle roughly the wall and climate head back to the left. Monitor the path back down till you with the leave at the bottom that the screen.Walk right down a few steps and also you will check out a bag Ball. Choose it up to find the yellow Teeth.If girlfriend haven\"t gained Surf yet, proceed to the left the the display until you discover a house. Enter the house and talk to the man to receive HM03, which has Surf.Walk about until you run out of steps. This will automatically exit you from the Safari Zone.Return the Gold this to the Warden. Departure the Safari Zone and head to the east side of Fuchsia City. The Warden\"s residence is located directly to the eastern of the Pokémon Center.

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Enter the house and talk to the Warden. After thank you, that will offer you HM04, i beg your pardon you deserve to then provide to a Pokémon to find out Strength.


If you already have the HM Surf, use it to go west from Zone 1 in the Safari Zone; this will conserve you numerous steps.