If you’ve gained a swimming pool pump problem, you may actually be able to troubleshoot it yourself. Here are some usual pool pump problems, just how to troubleshoot, and how to fix them.

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The Anatomy the a swimming pool Pump


As always, if you don’t feeling confident replacing a part yourself, contact a professional.

5. The pump is make a lot of noise.

If your motor is yes, really rattling, your swimming pool pump may just need much better water flow. Clear any blockages out of a plumbing line and look because that air leaks.

However, if your motor has a high-pitched screeching sound, your pump could have negative bearings.

Of course, us recommend call a skilled to take apart the motor and also replace the bearings. But you can also try kickstarting the pump through softly hitting the motor through a rubber mallet or the soft sole of a shoe. Periodically this have the right to help. Yet be careful.

6. The pump basket isn’t filling v water.

The pump might be suck in air or her filter or pump basket could be clogged.

Clean the filter and pump basketCheck the water level in your skimmer. If it’s low, that could be her air problem.Then usage the shaving cream test to check for various other air leaks.

7. The swimming pool pump is humming and also won’t start.

First, examine the impeller because that blocking debris. Revolve off the pump and remove the screws on the pump housing. Pull out the pump assembly and also remove any kind of gaskets far from the impeller. Then, remove any kind of debris friend see and put the pump earlier together.

If friend hear a buzzing or humming noise, it’s coming from the pump motor. This method power is getting to the motor yet is having actually trouble starting it. It might be a negative capacitor, centrifugal switch, or a buildup of rust in the motor. That could also mean the impeller is stuck.

3 signs Your swimming pool Pump Is about To Die

A well-made pool pump need to last around 8-10 years with proper maintenance. Yet how have the right to you tell her pump is top top its last legs?

1. You have consistently short PSI from your filter.

If the pressure gauge on her filter is reduced than normal, you could have a clogged skimmer basket or pump strainer. Yet if this keeps happening also when whatever is clean, it could be the your impeller is attract out.

2. The pool pump is continuous leaking.

If you’ve done whatever you can to settle your pump leaks however it still wake up regularly, it can be the the seal top top the motor shaft as worn out. The an excellent news is, this deserve to be changed on the cheap without buying a whole new pool pump.

But if you have actually tried every little thing you recognize to do and also there is quiet water continually dripping indigenous the pump even when that turned off, it’s a sign that the seal on the motor shaft has worn out.

3. The swimming pool pump always loses prime.

Of course, if you’ve troubleshooting correctly, you can still have worries with keeping your pump primed. It could be warped components or it’s just time to get a new pump. Here’s our complete guide because that finding the best brand-new pool pump.

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In the end, if you’re quiet having concerns or friend don’t feeling confident law something yourself, speak to a professional. And also if her pump is continually leaking or shedding suction or has low filter press gauge readings, it can be time to acquire a brand-new pool pump.