did it job-related good? those the good the bad and the uglyThanks

Hello Thad and also thank you for the notice. Which execute you agree to be the best. Execute you advise any risk by utilizing this product?

Hello John_T and also thank you because that the notice. Therefore you use the 15% shock top top brick, wood, vinyl and shingles along with sidewalks and driveways? any kind of special prep to grounds, grass, flower or shrubs? how do you imply to use the product come the surfaces and also do you use a soap agent/additives to aid the shock to stick come surface? and also what’s the proportion for mixture of shock and also water for the different surface’s? carry out you use to shingles without rinse or carry out you to wash it prior to drying? say thanks to you so much for you expertise and advise.Ectcowboy (Tony)

Never tried granules, however I’ve always read that liquid is the way to go. I’ve supplied Leslie’s Pool’s version numerous times with an excellent success.

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Jetline is where I obtain my 15% fluid shock. You need a home builders license here to have actually an account v Jetline.

Hello again… for you that usage the swimming pool shock to to wash roofs, siding, bricks, wood and also vinyl siding, driveways and sideways… What prepare is essential to defend the landscape? Grass, bushes and flowers… do you cover v tarps or simply flood the area with water before cleaning the above surfaces?Thank girlfriend in breakthrough for your specialization info!Ectcowboy

We pretty much rinse all the surrounding areas before we apply our mixtures. Then us rinse again after ~ we use our mixture then us clean what every little thing it is whereby cleaning & then we rinse again. Rinsing is key for us in most whatever we clean.

We acquisition from Leslie’s Pools. 10% SH solution (liquid chlorine). The what every one of our roof and house mixes are. Functions great, and also they space a an excellent company to transaction with.

What’s the best product come use when cleaning concrete and exteriors the homes, vinyl and also brick.Thank you

Thank you for the info! One much more question… What have actually y’all discovered to work good in rust or oil stains top top concrete

Oxalic acid, One Restore, Rust Remover +, F9, Muriatic acid… yes a few different chemicals the end there.

the Champion pool shock says it’s a violation of federal law to usage in a path inconsistent with its brand - Shocking Pools. Has anyone else noticed this?

It’s how it’s packaged and sold. Girlfriend buy from Haviland or Univar and also it no say that.

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You’ll be okay


the Champion pool shock claims it’s a violation of federal legislation to use in a way inconsistent v its label - Shocking Pools. Has anyone else noticed this?

That is a compelled statement on all EPA registered pesticide. And if it’s claiming to kill algae it is a pesticide.

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