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C i haven"t been to church since I dE7on"t remember once TAmhings were going great, "til castle fFmell personal again So i lCistened come the preacher as he tE7old me what to carry out He said, "AmYou can"t walk haCting others who hD7ave done wrong to you." "DmSometimes we get angry,C but we have to not condemn." "Let Fthe great Lord do his job, Gand you simply pray for them."
ns pray her brFakes go out running under a hill, ns pray a flCowerpot drops from a home window sill and also knFocks girlfriend in the head, favor I"d like tCo ns pray her bFirthday comes and also nobody calls, ns pray you"re fClying high when your Cmaj9engine stalls ns pray aAmll your dreamsAm/G never come tD7rue simply know wherein Fever you are honey G- i pray because that yCou
I’mG really glad IF discovered my means to Cchurch "Cause I"m alrGeady feeling far better and ns thFank God because that the wCords Yeah, IDm"m walking to take it the hCigh road and Fdo what the preacher tCold me to carry out DmYou store messing Cup; and also IF"ll store praying for yGou
ns pray your tFire blows out at 110, i pray girlfriend pCass the end drunk v your ideal friend and also waFke up with his and also her tattCoos Cmaj9 am Am/G D7
i pray your brFakes go the end running under a hill, i pray a flCowerpot falls from a home window sill and also knFocks friend in the head, favor I"d like tCo ns pray her bFirthday comes and nobody calls, i pray you"re fClying high when your Cmaj9engine stalls i pray aAmll your dreamsAm/G never ever come tD7rue simply know whFere ever you are, nGear or far, Amin your residence or Gin your car F G (F) Where ever you room honey - ns pray because that you

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OUTRO:F - C - Dm - G - Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx