The 5 regions that the United says all have numerous things about them the make them unique. The West region consists the 11 states, consisting of Alaska and Hawaii. The is recognized for the Rocky Mountains and the Mojave Desert. That is additionally known because that its warm climate in some areas, and also cold climate in others. The West is a wonderful place to visit with well-known tourist attractions such together Disneyland, Yellowstone national Park, and Las Vegas. That time to find out all about what provides the West a wonderful location to visit and live!

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Student activities for US areas West

Natural Resources






States and also Capitals
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West an ar of the unified States


The location in the West is fairly diverse, including whatever from coastlines, hill ranges, deserts, valleys, and also even a rainforest! The four mountain varieties in this region are the Rockies, the shore Ranges, the Sierra Nevada, and also the Cascade Mountains. The Sierra Nevada hills consist of some volcanoes! even though they room extinct, some room still active, such as Mount Saint Helens, i beg your pardon erupted in 1980 and also caused major damage and even death. In in between these hills lies numerous valleys and rivers, which carry out rich floor to the region. The good Basin, which lies in the middle of the West region, is a low, key shaped landform that is lower than the land surrounding it. The flat component of this container is covered mainly by the good Basin Desert and the Mojave Desert. Within the Mojave lies death Valley, the hottest, driest, and lowest location in the unified States. Some other interesting geographical attributes in the West space the an excellent Salt Lake and also a rainforest the runs along the California coast.


Because of its huge size, the West has actually a really diverse climate; temperatures and also weather can range dramatically also within the very same state! for example, Washington and Oregon have actually mild seasons and also a lot of rainfall, while claims such together Wyoming, with higher elevations, have a great deal of snowfall the doesn’t melt for several months. California, which has low elevation and is located along the coast, is the house of one of the hottest areas on Earth, fatality Valley, whereas the mean temperature in Colorado is about 45 levels Fahrenheit.

Natural Resources

A natural resource is something the occurs in nature and is used to make products that add to a ar economy. The West has many beneficial natural resources such together trees, potatoes, pineapples, salt, and also oil. Shop of numerous minerals, including copper, gold, and silver, are uncovered within the Rocky Mountains, making the West fantastic source because that minerals. Maybe the most valuable mineral uncovered in the West is silicon; this mineral is supplied to make computer system parts. Due to the fact that of the diversity of silicon, countless software and other technology companies are located in what is known as Silicon Valley, one area in mountain Francisco, California.


The West an ar is affluent in culture, and food is a large part the that. The Pacific Ocean provides delicious seafood such as salmon, shellfish, and oysters, which are really popular in the region. Because of the plenty of Chinese and Japanese immigrants, eastern foods such together sushi, chow mein, and egg foo young are well-known in the West. If you travel to Hawaii, you can expect to partake in a pig roast, or a luau. Because of its near proximity to the beautiful coast, the West is known for surfing. Plenty of other outdoor activities include hiking, mountain climbing, and kayaking. In the winter, skiing and also snowboarding space popular, and many civilization travel to the assorted ski resort towns in Colorado and also Utah. In Alaska, dogsledding is a renowned sport, and in Hawaii, a dance referred to as the hula is known around the world. Since Los Angeles is the entertain hub of the unified States, the West celebrates all kinds that music such as pop, rap, R&B, and also country and western.

Places to Visit

The West is an incredible place for tourist for numerous reasons. Some world travel come Hawaii and parts the California for the sunshine and the beaches, when others reap skiing in Colorado and also Utah. The world’s first National Park, Yellowstone, is located in the West. Largely in Wyoming, the park covers over 3,000 square miles and also had over 4 million travellers in 2019! Other renowned destinations space Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, Devils Tower in Wyoming, and the shows, casinos, and nightlife in las Vegas, Nevada. The space Needle, situated in the heart of Seattle, Washington, is one of the many photographed frameworks in the world. The was built for the 1962 civilization Fair and also is 605 feet tall. Human being from anywhere the civilization travel come Los Angeles, California to view the sets whereby movies room made, and maybe also bump right into a celebrity!

States and capitals of the West

UtahSalt Lake City
NevadaCarson City

Our nation is fill with diverse culture, land, attractions, and so lot more. The regions of our nation are all various in so countless ways, and also it is important for college student to know how and also why. While studying the West region, student will present what they have learned through posters, spider maps, and also other creative graphic organizers. The merged use of illustrations and words enables students with different learning formats to showcase their work-related in distinct ways. Teachers might use the noted templates, or encourage students to begin from scratch, enabling for more of a challenge and distinguished approach. Teacher may additionally assign an extension task where the students create a report or produce a powerpoint that all your storyboards to share.

Essential inquiries for The West region of the united States

Which claims are situated in the West?How go its geography and also climate influence life in the West?What is the culture of the West?Where room some amazing places to visit in the West?What are the natural resources and products of the West?