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A succession structure consists of a collection of steps executed in order. A sequence deserve to contain any variety of tasks, however there is no choice to branch off and skip any kind of of the taks
A choice structure or decision structure contains a questions, and, depending on the answer, takes one of two courses of action before proceeding with the next task
Dual-alternative ifs (or dual-alternative selections) specify one activity to be taken once the tested problem is true and also another action to be taken once it is false
solitary alternatives ifs (or single-alternative selections) take action on simply one branch of the decision.
In a, or more simply a while loop, a process continues while some condition continues to be true
A priming intake or priming review is the statement the reads the very first input data document prior to starting a structured loop
Goto-less programming is a surname to explain structured programming, since structure programmers execute not use a "go to" explain
2.The three structures of structured programming space _____________.a.Sequence, order, and processb.Selection, loop, and also iterationc.Sequence, an option and loopd.If, else, and then
3.A sequence structure can containa.Any number of tasksb.Exactly three tasksc.No more than 3 tasksd.Only one task
4.Which that the adhering to is not another term for an option structurea.Decision structureb.If-then-else structurec.Dual-alternative if structured.Loop structure
5.The structure in which friend ask a question, and, depending on the answer, take some activity and then ask the concern again, can be called all of the complying with except, a(n)a.Iterationb.Loopc.Repetitiond.If-then-else
6.Placing a framework within another structure is called _________ the structuresa.Stackingb.Untanglingc.Buildingd.Nesting
7.Attaching structures end to finish is called ________________.a.Stackingb.Untanglingc.Buildingd.Nesting
8.The explain if period >=65 then an elderly discount = “yes” is an instance of a _____________a.sequenceb.loopc.dual-alternative selectiond.single-alternative an option
9.The statement while temperature remains listed below 60, leave the heating system on is an instance of a a.Sequenceb.Loopc.Dual-alternative selectiond.Single-alternative choice

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