Do Beastboy & Raven ever get with each other in the comics? I arrangement on reading the comics but I might not be able to get to them prior to the following rotation, also if the following rotation is months away.

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Are the Cartoons & good titans good portrayals that his relationships?

In the cartoons, Beast Boy mostly annoyed Raven, despite he saved her life at least once.

In the original new Teen Titans, that was much younger 보다 Raven.

Also crow was an extremely reserved. That iked Donna and Starfire better.

Later lock kept an altering Raven’s Age.

In the latest teenager Tktans comic, she favored Kid Flash.

From a special impacts viewpoint, Terra would be an extremely expensive, unless she threw pebbles instead of flying on rocks, producing rock structures, etc.

Besides we know the plot already, the surprise that she is a traitor is gone.

In one more thread, I suggested that one more character take that duty if we perform Judas Contract.

Someone much less expensive, who has a shady past.

I am reasoning of Artemis.

Raven and also Beast young share a partnership in a comic, however I do not recall the name. The doesn’t finish well, however they room still nearby friends.I think the cartoon go a better job, however I was not fond that the finale. An ext of a conversation should have been included, but that additionally depicts some realism wherein we never truly get closure.

I mean- Terra is a straight up traitor, and pure evil at the very least the original version, and also still a traitor in her most “heroic” adaptions. So yes, really there’s nobody WORSE for him. A large chunk that his arc is coming to terms through he was in a toxicity relationship. He’s so deprived the love, his parents died, his adoptive parental abused him, Steve Dayton neglects him. Then Terra provided his need for affection and hurt that more. Blackest Night brings closure come this.

Anyone remember the Jillian girl in doom Patrol? She always seemed nice. Gar should finish up through anyone other than Terra

As an old institution fan, the Gar/Rachel partnership feels unatural come me…although I destruction their chemistry ~ above the live activity Titans show.Terra/Gar is self destructive. I favor him with someone prefer Jillian Jackson. You never ever forget your very first love.

Beast boy is an ext talk then present in the comics with women. The did walk thru a stretch when he to be a tv star that ladies were everywhere him tho. Ns think I’m safe in saying he’s the greatest flirt in the DCU because that a male. He’d most likely say Terra to your question. Also after she betrayed them he never stopped defending her. That & crow are choose bro & sister, & Starfire & Donna space true pros at exactly how to brush off his flirtatious advances.

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I feel choose Gar and Rachel balance each various other out more. “Opposites attract” certainly uses to them.