Stanley honored for transferring ‘life-changing services’ to assist individuals, families and also businesses access justice

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The firm’s litigation toughness was reflected in multiple Tier 1 rankings indigenous U.S. News/Best Lawyers



Whistleblower protections prolong to employees who allege noncompliance with COVID mandates for large-employers

‘Bona fide problem on an extensive grounds’ test must be used, also when arbitral compensation is in play, appeals court held


"In all my dealings with them lock have displayed a practical and also big-picture outlook on how they take care of litigation and also are conscious of the overall implications for your client. They room sensitive come resolving quite than creating problems." 2019 Chambers USA - California health care
“They room cohesive in your approach. That is always evident that the team members space all top top the exact same page, and that every one is well aware of the details and also where each situation is in progress.” 2020 Chambers and also Partners - global - UAE dispute Resolution
“Excellent capacity to master the organization nature of the transaction and also the real intention of both parties in a very short time.” 2020 Chambers Europe - Germany exclusive Equity: Venture resources
“The firm has a good platform that is an extremely integrated and provides full coverage, v expertise throughout all areas. It is a human being leader in all locations of commodities. I discover the lawyers come be right shooters who communicate well and also don"t play games.” 2020 legal 500 UK - Derivatives (including commodities)

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From NFTs come gaming, the metaverse is here

Our worldwide team the lawyers works through the institutions leading the metaverse revolution

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8th yearly Washington Health treatment Conference: Established and emerging legal trends post-pandemic

Virtual webinar series