Which that the following statements is not true?Select one:a. Mitosis produces brand-new nuclei with precisely the exact same chromosomal endowment together the parental nucleus.b. Mitosis may happen without cytokinesis.c. Mitosis and cytokinesis are forced for asexual reproduction in eukaryotic bio organisms.d. Mitosis occurs throughout embryonic development, growth, repair, and also during asexual reproduction in numerous organisms.e. All of the over statements are true.

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Where perform the microtubules of the spindle originate throughout mitosis in both plant and also animal cells?Select one:a. Centromereb. Centrosomec. Centrioled. Chromatide. Kinetochore
Imagine looking through a microscopic lense at a squashed onion source tip. The chromosomes of many of the cells are plainly visible. In part cells, replicated chromosomes are aligned follow me the center (equator) the the cell. These particular cells are in which phase of mitosis?Select one:a. Telophaseb. Prophasec. Anaphased. Metaphasee. Prometaphase
All that the following occur during mitosis other than theSelect one:a. Condensing of chromosomes.b. Uncoupling that chromatids in ~ the centromere.c. Development of a spindle.d. Synthetic of DNA.e. Loss of the nucleolus
Which of the complying with organisms does not reproduce cells by mitosis and also cytokinesis?Select one:a. Cowb. Humanc. Mushroomd. Cockroache. Every one of the above do reproduce cell by mitosis and also cytokinesis
What is the surname for the special an ar on a copied chromosome the holds the sisters chromatids together?Select one:a. Centrosomeb. Centromerec. Kinetochored. Desmosomee. Microtubule organizer region
Centromeres uncouple, sister chromatids room separated, and also the two brand-new chromosomes relocate to the opposite poles the the cell duringSelect one:a. Telophaseb. Anaphasec. Prometaphased. Metaphasee. Prophase
Regarding mitosis and cytokinesis, one distinction between higher plants and also animals is the in plantsSelect one:a. The spindles save on computer microfibrils in addition to microtubules, whereas pet spindles perform not save microfibrils.b. Sister chromatids are identical, however they different from one another in animals.c. A cell plate starts to kind at telophase, whereas animals a cleavage furrow is initiated at that stage.d. Chromosomes become attached to the spindle in ~ prophase, vice versa, in pets chromosomes carry out not come to be attached till anaphase.e. Spindle poles contain centrioles, whereas spindle poles in pets do not.
a cabinet plate begins to type at telophase, whereas pets a cleavage furrow is initiated at the stage.
Cytokinesis usually, but not always, adheres to mitosis. If a cell completed mitosis however not cytokinesis, the an outcome would it is in a cell withSelect one:a. A single large nucleus.b. High concentration of actin and myosin.c. 2 abnormally little nuclei.d. 2 nuclei.e. Two nuclei yet with half the lot of DNA.
Chromosomes an initial become visible during ________ that mitosis.Select one:a. Interphaseb. Telophasec. Prophased. Metaphasee. Anaphase
If cell in the procedure of separating are based on colchicine, a medicine that interferes through the work of the spindle apparatus, at which phase will mitosis it is in arrested? (think about the actual role of the spindle apparatus and not as soon as it is formed)Select one:a. Metaphase b. Interphasec. Telophased. Anaphasee. Prophase
Starting with a fertilized egg (zygote), a series of five cell departments would produce very early embryo v how plenty of cells?Select one:a. 4b. 8c. 16d. 32e. The is difficult to know
A team of cell is assayed for DNA content instantly following mitosis and is discovered to have actually an typical of 8 picograms of DNA per nucleus. Those cells would have actually ________ picograms at the end of the S phase and ________ picograms at the finish of G2.Select one:a. 8; 8b. 8; 16c. 16; 8d. 12; 16e. 16; 16
If there room 20 chromatids in a cabinet at metaphase, how plenty of chromosomes space there in every daughter cell adhering to cytokinesis?Select one:a. 10b. 20c. 30d. 40e. 80
A cell containing 92 chromatids at metaphase the mitosis would, at its completion, produce two nuclei every containing how countless chromosomes?Select one:a. 12b. 23c. 16d. 46e. 92
An enzyme that attaches a phosphate group to one more molecule is dubbed aSelect one:a. Phosphataseb. Phosphorylasec. Kinased. Cyclase e. ATPase
All that the adhering to occur during prophase that mitosis in pet cells exceptSelect one:a. Chromosomes space duplicated.b. The atom envelope disappears.c. The nucleolus deserve to no longer be seen. D. The centrioles move toward the contrary poles.e. The spindle is organized.
During prophase i of mitosis, a homologous pair that chromosomes consists ofSelect one:a. Two chromosomes and 4 chromatids. B. 4 chromosomes and also two chromatids.c. 2 chromosomes and two chromatids.d. One chromosome and two chromatids.e. One chromosome and four chromatids.
How execute the daughter cell at the end of mitosis and also cytokinesis compare v their parental cell as soon as it remained in G1 of the cell cycle?Select one:a. The daughter cell have fifty percent the quantity of cytoplasm and half the lot of DNA.b. The daughter cell have half the variety of chromosomes and half the lot of DNA.c. The daughter cells have actually the same variety of chromosomes and half the amount of DNA.d. The daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes and also the very same amount of DNA. E. The daughter cells have actually the same variety of chromosomes and also twice the amount of DNA.

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Which of the following is true concerning cancer cells?Select one:a. They execute not exhibition density-dependent inhibition when farming in culture. B. When they avoid dividing, they carry out so at random points in the cell cycle.c. They space not topic to cell cycle controls.d. When they stop dividing, they perform so at randompoints in the cabinet cycle and also they room not topic to cabinet cycle controls.e. Pick this an option if all the various other answers space true concerning cancer cells.