Watch ours tutorial video clip or review this ScoreHero write-up (which is quiet accurate, in spite of being 2+ year old).

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Where perform I download C3’s custom songs?

From our song database or the weekly release articles on this blog.

Do I require a modded Xbox 360 come play customs?
No! As lengthy as you have an EA variation of the Rock tape 3 key (the MadCatz and Games On demand versions don’t work), you have the right to play custom-mades on any kind of Xbox 360.
Can i play custom-mades on PS3/Wii?

Yes, despite you need a modded system in both cases. For an ext info, see this thread because that the Wii and also this thread because that the PS3. Make sure you download the correct versions indigenous the song database!

You can also play every C3 publication in Phase Shift, a pc clone the Rock band 3.

Can ns play customs in Rock band Blitz?

A modded Xbox 360 is forced to play tradition songs in RB Blitz. (Blitz only accepts signed LIVE files, which won’t job-related on a normal console.)


Help! tradition songs won’t pack for me! What perform I do?

Find your difficulty below:

If the song do show increase in Rock band 3, but……you get a dirty disc/disc check out error, it way you’re running under Title update #5 (“TU5”, the most recent update to Rock tape 3) or utilizing the Games-on-Demand/MadCatz disc version of Rock tape 3, which have TU5 baked in. Custom-mades cannot be played under TU5 on a non-modded console. If you have actually the correct, older variation of the disc, install TU4 as defined in our tutorial.If the songs carry out not display up in Rock tape 3: check out her storage an equipment through the Xbox 360’s menus. If the songs are listed as Corrupted, there is either a problem with the custom tune package or the download (which have to not occur for ours releases), or the record is in the wrong spot. Inspect our tutorials for information on where to placed custom song packages. If the songs room not listed at all, friend may have actually run right into the “256 songs” pest (see below).What’s the “256 songs” bug?

Party Buffalo, the most commonly used device to move files to and also from one Xbox 360 flash drive, has a bug where the can’t appropriately process much more than 256 tune packages per node. There are two simple solutions because that this:

Use one more program to load packages beyond 256, climate switch back to Party Buffalo. Party Buffalo have the right to handle 257+ packages, it just can’t gain there.

Custom Songs

What’s the quality like on these songs? I’ve heard that personalizeds are poorly charted compared to official DLC.

We’ve placed together this collective with the certain goal of providing the ideal releases we can. Ours releases room as close come the original thing as possible. Many of our authors were/are component of RBN, and most that us have actually several years of authoring experience. We shot our finest to peer review every one of our songs prior to release, and if you find an error in any of our songs, you can report that in our bug tracker.

Remember, however, that we room not an different to main releases. We will certainly never writer a song that is or to be officially released together DLC. Walk buy those from the official in-game keep (while utilizing TU5)!

Will instrument components on these song mute / drop out once I miss notes?

Some will, but most will certainly not. All main Rock band songs have actually audio straight from the document label’s archives, with all instruments on be separated tracks. This allows Rock tape to mute the instrument as soon as you miss out on a note. Our customs, however, room usually based on the song’s “mixdown”, the solitary audio document version you can buy native iTunes or a record store. Because we don’t have separated tracks, us can’t mute individual instruments, and we prepare the song records so the nothing it s okay muted once you miss a note. Once we do have actually those grasp multitracks, however, we usage them! check the “Audio” column in our track database to see whether a track is multitracked or not. Friend can additionally filter to just multitracked songs through the checkboxes in ~ the optimal of the database.

Can I lower or mute the vocals track?

The answer is usually “no”; view the previous question for details. Secluded vocal tracks room slightly easier to find and create than complete multitracks, though, therefore we sell a decent number of “karaoke” tracks (where the vocals have the right to be muted but instruments cannot). Similar to multitracks, this details is accessible in the database.

Do this songs have actually all instruments? all difficulties?

Yes! If the tune itself has actually a provided instrument, it will be in our personalizeds — no “single-instrument” (i.e. “guitar only”) customs are released through C3 — and also those tools will each have Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert charts.

What’s the address “Rhythm Version” songs?
If a song has actually a rhythm guitar part alongside the command guitar, an author may choose to relax an alternate version the that tune with the rhythm etc playable. If the tune does not have actually a secrets part, it’ll it is in assigned come keys. Otherwise, it will certainly override bass, guitar Hero 2 style. (The initial version that the track without rhythm guitar will certainly be easily accessible in all cases.)

If you’re playing among our “rhythm on keys” songs, you’ll should 5-star 50 song on medium or 3-star 50 songs on Hard/Expert come unlock the capacity to usage a etc controller on secrets parts.

Scores, save Data, & virtual Play

Can ns play custom songs online?

Not on the Xbox 360. Girlfriend can’t use an old title upgrade (i.e. TU4) while linked to XBL. Virtual play may be possible for the Wii.

Do custom tune scores get saved to your save file? carry out scores collection offline get uploaded when you go ago online?

They do and they will. Us suggest having actually a separate non-Live account because that customs and also TU4. Take into consideration it a sandbox; you can pretty lot do every little thing you want, because you can’t go online v it. If you desire to play because that the leaderboards or accessibility the store to buy official songs (which we very much encourage), use the TU5 stick.

Will I get banned native XBL if i accidentally upload custom tune scores to absent Central?

We clear can’t guarantee that you won’t, but to date, we have had no reports of any problems through custom tune scores. Simply don’t upload fake scores for main DLC.

Can I use the exact same save file in TU4 (customs) and also TU5 (online play)?

No. The save record won’t be read by both versions, and if you save it through TU5, that will cause issues through TU4. Our referral is to use two various save files, saved on the exact same storage maker as the title upgrade.

Customs Creators collective (C3)

Why space you guys doing this?

C3’s admins and authors all have their own reasons for contributing come the project, however ultimately it’s around continuing “DLC” assistance for among the greatest video game franchises of all time.

Do you make any money native this?

No, and also we have actually a zero tolerance policy on commissioning customs or otherwise stating money on our forums. We are here to give you complimentary DLC, and also we don’t want any type of of the problem that comes through money.

Do you accept donations because that hosting costs?

No, because that the factor above, yet we appreciate the sentiment.

Do you take it requests?

Not in a direct “you request a song and we author it” kind of way. We preserve a tune Requests forum, however, and we try to encourage our authors to writer well-known or popular songs.

Rock band Harmonies Project

Do RBHP upgrades influence scoring?

RBHP upgrades don’t adjust scoring for solitary instruments. Even chart “fixes” carry out not change scoring. So, no problems — these upgrades are not “illegally” an enhancing scores for instruments.

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No! Upgrades will run on any type of version of Rock tape 3, including the MadCatz disc and also Games On demand version.