as soon as Van Hohenheim met Izumi the 2nd time, that heard that she had actually opened the gate of Truth and also lost some inner organs. Rather of giving her ago her organs the rearranged castle to boost her blood flow, and said

I can"t give them earlier because they are a token of her sin

Dr. Marcoh at the end of the series volunteers to restore Colonel"s vision. Therefore does that means it to be Hohenheim"s selection not to give Izumi she organs back back so the she doesn"t forget her punishment? Or they can"t be returned because they to be taken by reality ?

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Let"s take a look at the events at the end of FMA - I"m making use of the manga.

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Hohenheim supplies to use himself to acquire Alphonse back, the end of paternal duty. Ed refuses because what taken place to him and Alphonse was their very own responsibility. An alert that in FMA, there"s this kind of emphasis on an individual responsibility because that one"s actions (e.g. Riza"s comments about Ishbal, Ed"s comment here, etc.). Consequently, it"s feasible to check out Hohenheim"s comment to Izumi Curtis as implying that he shouldn"t - ethically speaking - just give earlier to her everything she lost, provided her own culpability. If I"m not mistaken, Ed has actually a comparable attitude towards his automail leg in ~ the end of the manga.

Ling additionally offers the philosopher"s stone he has actually for the same purpose, but due to the fact that Ed promised Al castle wouldn"t use it to acquire their bodies back, Ed refuses. This and Hohenheim"s comments seem to imply that that is feasible to recuperate what"s lost from reality if the suitable toll is paid and what you"re do the efforts to recuperate actually exists.

Marcoh asks Mustang if he deserve to use his philosopher"s rock as payment in exchange because that his sight, top top the problem that the policies on Ishval space revised. It"s no clear if Marcoh knows about Mustang having been compelled to open up the gate, but it is clear that Ishval is among his motivations for placing forth this offer.

Given that it seems to it is in implied the Alphonse might have to be retrieved with way other 보다 Edward giving up alchemy, this seeming inconsistency is probably finest interpreted as Hohenheim picking not to fully restore Izumi Curtis in accordance with themes and ideas about an individual responsibility in the collection (since the state that Alphonse and also Edward is additionally a an outcome of their very own actions).

While Hohenheim"s sell to use himself to obtain Alphonse back may seem the end of touch with his comment to Izumi, it"s honestly not that inconsistent, particularly when that feels some obligation for his sons" attempt at human being transmutation and when this is an egregiously life-or-death scenario contrasted to Izumi Curtis".

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Moreover, just since there"s some sort of focus on personal responsibility (and, at least judging native Riza"s comments around Ishval, or those in the last episode of Brotherhood, the impossibility the atonement) in FMA doesn"t typical that the personalities don"t try to improve on your own case or the of others (e.g. Hohenheim"s innovation of Izumi"s blood flow, Ed and Al"s pursuit of a method to get their body back, etc.). Rather, the seems more like a denial of the attitude of "if I perform X, i can make up for Y and forget about it". As thus, in the case of Roy, us should additionally note the Marcoh appears to have had reasonably specific engine apart indigenous restoring his sight in offering him the philosopher"s stone.