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just curiouse what form or tranny oil you guys are using and how quarts that takes to fill it up . Ns would like what the publication says if you have the info.also anyone enduring the second gear grind ???



2 quarts are necessary for the trans. I"m to run GM Syncromesh friction modified. Use to have a trouble with third gear in the morning, not anymore ~ i usage the synchromesh. Mines is additionally a 02 kind s trans without the recall excellent on it.

I used approximately 2 quarts of redline MTL in my rsx tranny.My Rsx is one 03 and it would grind periodically also.I readjusted the fluid and also i never heard a noise or grind from it again :up:
gm syncromesh deserve to work marvels on a tranny. Make certain you usage the friction modified type with lsd trannies.
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my grinding isn"t that poor if i placed it into gear prior to 2500 in 2nd there is no problem but after that ns woiuld have actually to transition it couple of sec. Slower 보다 all the various other gm sycromesh works an excellent ? is that better or redline mtl?? thanks for the feedback
my grind isn"t that bad if i placed it right into gear prior to 2500 in 2nd there is no problem but after that i woiuld have to change it few sec. Slower 보다 all the various other gm sycromesh works an excellent ? is that far better or redline mtl?? many thanks for the feedback
I never ever used the GM syncromesh however i deserve to vouch for the redline MTL.The tranny shifted and engaged alot smoother then over the share fluid.I adjusted the fluid roughly 10,000 and also after 20,000 miles ns havent had a noise or grind ever since :up: I deserve to rip mine gearbox without having actually to worry around it grind hehe :up:
i yes, really haven"t do the efforts to shift my car from very first to second after vtec suggest i guess: v i"m simply scared to mess it increase so i haven"t tried exactly how it involved in vtec mode; but the various other gears seem come work an excellent after the automobile is warmed up. And also yea my second is lil difficult to acquire in at night. Once its cold somtime i have to double clutch get it in or let rpm drop all the means then put it in gear.i think ns will shot redline mtl ,any online ar to purchase you understand of??
does anybody have experience through both redline and also gm synchromesh, ns curious i m sorry is the better of the two.

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