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document A-social HierarchySamurai- warriors that owned loyalty and also military company to daimyos for land or continual payment with family members made up around 10% that japans population. Knight- warriors who owed loyalty and military company to mr for land; estimated 12,000 knights in England and also nor numerous France in the 12th century.- document A.
Based on document A Knights and also samurai were comparable because they both owed loyalty and also military service and they got land for their family members as payment because that this service. To be a great samurai or knight you would certainly absolutely be really loyal to her lord.
file B-Social hierarchy samurai"s had actually allegiance come his lord, and also loyalty in the direction of the feudal lord in japan to be hereditary. For a article English or noblemen knelt before his lord and also pledged loyalty and also military support, lord swore and also oath that protection.
Based on paper B knights and both samurai"s to be both an extremely similar. Such together Both the knight and the samurai pledged loyalty and military service. Secondly samurai"s and knights swore on one oath to your lords. Samurais and also knights had to be really loyal to be a good samurai or knight. Additionally to it is in a an excellent samurai or knight friend would have to have good military service.
record C- army training and armor A samurai began training in childhood and also had to perform three different things while coming to be a samurai. A knight began training at period four or five, had to execute three various tasks to end up being a knight.
Based on document C their were similarities between knights and also samurai"s. Such as both samurai and also knight both went v three various kinds that training. First of all a samurai did kendo, the moral code that a samurai, and zen Buddhism. For a knight that was very first to drive a pony, come serve and also overlord together a page,and to become a squire. Finally both a knight and samurai began training as soon as they were little like hr age four or five.
document D- military training and armor A Samurai wore complete plate armor which was head to toe and also had a dis benefit which was: when it became really wet the silk cords soaked up water and became an extremely heavy. A knight wore complete suits the armor, and also a knights armor can weigh 40 to 60 pounds.
Based on record D samurai and knights had numerous similarities in armor. An initial of all samurai and knights both had actually a disadvantage in armor. If a samurai dropped in a pond or water it would certainly be tough to fight due to the fact that the armor absorbs the water and becomes heavy. Likewise a knights armor weighs 40 to 60 pounds. Finally a samurai and also knight ave full suits from head come toe.
document E- feelings about honor and also death A knight took the vows of true knighthood, solemnly promising to execute no wicked deed, come be loyal to the king . A samurai In dis charging loyal business to his master if he has actually one in deepening his fidelity in associations with friends and also in devoting self to duty over all.
Based on paper E there were a lot of similarities in samurai and knights. First of all a samurai and also knight had to be loyal to his king. Likewise to it is in respectful and full of courage. Lastly samurai and also knights had to be specialized and have courage and to it is in brave.
document F - Feelings about honor and also death A samurai wrote a city just prior to death to present the influence of zen Buddhism. A knight had laid under on a steep hill through his confront toward Spain and one hand on his breast: " God I identify my guilt and also I beg because that thy mercy for every sins, greater and lesser, i beg your pardon I have committed native the hour that birth until this day once I lied here and also overcome through death.
based on this record (doc F) there to be similarities in death. An initial of all both samurai and also knight had poems of fatality to god questioning for forgiveness from their sins. Ultimately the only distinction was a knight would certainly say your poems rather of composing it.
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