COMMERCIAL description The Philippine’s first and just low-calorie beer. It has actually the very same refreshing, full-flavored taste and also alcohol content of the nation’s favorite brew, mountain Miguel Pale Pilsen.

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UPDATED: NOV 9, 2020 pours pale copper shade white foamy head, taste a grainy taste, malty, aroma grain ,corn ,not a good tasting beer
UPDATED: may 7, 2020 had actually long walk and also this is just for thirst.Smell- weak possibly malt. Foam- slim hops watery. Indigenous - canTaste -malty, weak hops, median or little below median lager. Possibly bit metallic taste.
UPDATED: FEB 6, 2020 offered in a party at 0 degrees Celsius. Clear gold, no head. Corny nose, cheap malt, perfume. Flavor has corn, sweetness, cheap melon. Watery sweet finish. 4 2 4 2 7
UPDATED: DEC 26, 2019 Denne er til å drikke når du er tørst. Derfor 10 i smak akkurat nå. 33 grader. Da duger denne iskald.Litt metalisk, malt og sitrus ns smak.
UPDATED: OCT 29, 2019 Oct 2019. Silver deserve to bought in a 7 Eleven in Bangkok. Brewed in Thailand by mountain Miguel. No ABV given. A slim lager, but drinkable once cold.
UPDATED: JUL 18, 2019 great beer come quench her thirst after a good long bicycle drive - or couple it through some spicy food. Doesn't expand your waistline, light and also refreshing is the word. In one word: superb - the only beer i need, save the rest!
UPDATED: jan 8, 2019 The foamstability is medium, body very light. The smells malty, watery, weak. The taste is watery, malty, weak.
UPDATED: NOV 15, 2018 Õlle top top selline jook, et iga uus kord kui klaasi või pudeli suule tõstad, siis leiad midagi uut, sõltuvalt tuhandest-miljonist pisiasjast, mis hetke olukorda mõjutavad. Seega piirdun iga õlle juures selle tekstiga.
Clear catpiss look. Aroma is starch pale malt straw metallic corn. Taste is proper anything. Slight sour lime lot starch. Foamy af. Slim metallic as well. Not actively unpleasant yet i tho dont desire to drink it. Possibly the worst I ever before had.

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