No Schmidt’s happy Beer because that us! Happy 40th date of birth to you, Saturday Night Live!Bad Idea Jeans
Oh I’m sorry, did girlfriend forget that Bob Odenkirk supplied to create for Saturday Night Live? ns didn’t. Yet my life IS choose one long poor Idea Jeans.

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Norman Bates college of Hotel ManagementFirst season, you can tell Saturday Night Live to be gonna get weird sometimes.TrilocaineOh divine shit, to be the germ the Unedited clip of a Bear?
Mel’s Char PalaceYou uncover it, you shock it, we offer you the saw!Serial: ChristmasTopical! but not unfunny.Asian American Doll
Yikes, this one! “You did this! You!”Corn Syrup PSA

CANDYGRAMThis one isn’t technically commercial, other than maybe it is due to the fact that it’s sort of a movie commercial. No spoilers!Amazon Commercial
This one is pretty prescient because that the premiere that 50 Shades the Grey. Which, now having seen it, what the FUCK, moms??Wooden SpoonsThen again, I’m the type of girl who sometimes watches family Guy as soon as no one is about to referee me.Girl Chess


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