I just picked increase a bolt action Springfield Savage design 840 chambered in 30-30 winchester. Can anyone give me an idea as to age/ value? i am trying to market this for my buddy. That is absent the crate magazine.

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the 840 was discontinued in the early 80"s the is an economic situation bolt that is ansesters were the 330 and 340 bolt actions under the Stevens and also Savage brand names. In quite shape and also with a magazine her looking at a $275-300.00 rifle. A nice scope might include $25-50 bucks the lacking magazine would price you at the very least $40-45.00 off her asking price. Magazine have the right to be discovered on gun Broker the auction site.30-30 really isn"t a real famous bolt action caliber (though the does execute well with pointed bullets and a heavy action) the over IMHO

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Gunparts corp (Numrich) has the magazines. These weapons are a helluva lot much better firearms than most would believe. Return a rock-bottom econo-bolt gun once still manufactured, the accuracy is much more than respectable, occasionally downright surprising. (Probably due to Savage"s rep for great barrels).Mark to be on the money through his noting the the owner have the right to load pointy bullets in the .30-30 because that these guns, and realize far better ballistics (and much better accuracy) than is regularly obtained with the lever weapons of the same caliber. Simpler to scope 보다 a "94 as well.I stumbled ~ above the true functionality and accuracy that these guns (despite their modest price range) as soon as I did a friend a favor and also bought his 340 Hornet from him together he was strapped for cash. Because that time, I have actually acquired around 4 of the .30-30"s, yet kids keep getting here with Dads trying to find a nice very first deer rifle. Ns can"t rotate them down, and so the 340 goes come a an excellent home each time. One young nimrod has 3 deer and 4 elk to his credit v the 340 .30-30. All one-shot kills.I have actually kept one older original 340 that was not drilled for scope, however has the Lyman peep manufactured specifically for these guns. Perfect condition, as new, and also this one will certainly not go to a forlorn kid. I additionally just spent around 2 month loading and also targeting, tuning and also bedding a 340 in .222Rem. True come form, that came approximately to shoot teams that average .85". That one is gift "tested" in the ar in Prineville in ~ a ranch foreman"s place. A working-man"s gun for a working man. Tiger-Tank durable, removable clip because that legal comes to (to be all set for a coyote spotted indigenous the pickup). If the shooter ends up liking it, I"ll probably give it to him: tiny compensation for my join to the ranch.