We’ve taken a look in ~ the shortest books in the Bible, yet what around the longest book in the Bible?

If you’d asked me about it in Sunday school, mine answer would have actually been a quick, confident “Psalms!” i figured this due to the fact that the book has 150 psalms, and also the runner-up in chapter count would have actually been Isaiah, through a meager 66 chapters—that’s much less than fifty percent of what Psalms has.

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You have the right to probably guess why this is incorrect. Psalms is a long book, for sure, however its psalms room pretty short (for the many part).

Even though Psalms has more contributors than any other publication of the Bible, it transforms out that two other publications are much much longer than Psalms.

The longest publications in the Bible, in order

I offered Logos scriptures Software to discover out which publications are the longest, by original word count.Here’s a list of the ten longest books of the Bible. This is walking by word counting in the initial languages (not any English translate in of the Bible). I referenced the Lexham Hebrew scriptures for OT books and also the NA27 because that NT books, and here’s what ns got:

Notice noþeles interesting? The whole top-10 perform of longest books in the bible are all Old testament books! four of the five publications of the Torah room here, every three significant prophets room present, and even one publication of poetry made it into the peak 10.

(For the many part, this lines up with David J. Reimer‘s list on Justin Taylor’s blog—though Reimer’s count puts Isaiah before Exodus.)


Kind the like how The mr of the Rings was written as just one work, however got break-up into 3 volumes to keep the price low enough for the typical novel enthusiast.

So, what if us were trying to find the longest book of the scriptures in its initial format? First, we would combine an initial and second Samuel, an initial and 2nd Kings, an initial and 2nd Chronicles, and Ezra through Nehemiah. Climate we’d look in ~ the numbers again.

Here’s what our top ten would look like:

Samuel (38,007 words)

Pretty cool, right?

So what?

These books are long. Yet even publications this large are finest read together a whole. So, if you want to obtain to understand one of these long publications of the bible better, collection aside a Saturday to spend analysis it all the way through.

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Wonder exactly how I made those word counts? It wasn’t as tedious a task as it may seem. Turns the end Logos bible Software lets you copy the words native Hebrew and Greek messages in perform form, then export them to Excel. I got all this Greek and also Hebrew counts (from the sources I chose) in an evening’s work!

Addendum: turns out Jeremiah is a few words much longer than I initially accounted for. One city in Jeremiah is in Aramaic, no Hebrew (Jer 10:11), so adding those words brings the complete up to 33,002. This doesn’t readjust its place in the order, though.

If you’d choose to study these super-long books of the scriptures in their original Hebrew, examine out Zondervan Academic’s online course! (That’s one affiliate link.)