One the the ideal parts around getting a massage is the you don’t have to do anything other than lay earlier and relax. In preparation for her zenned out bliss, there are some things you’ll absolutely want to stop to make certain you enjoy all the benefits of massage treatment (think stress and anxiety reduction, lymphatic detox, lessened inflammation, boosted breathing…) we asked a team of professional massage therapists because that their optimal six no-no’s. The results listed below may surprise you.

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1. Drink

Water, yes, yet alcohol is a genuine no-no. Barbara Wilson, a license is granted massage therapist at the Spa at PGA National, in Palm beach Gardens, Florida, warns, “when you acquire a massage her body move toxins in her body, therefore any ill results the alcohol has actually caused might be amplified.”. Your best bet is to be hydrated, not tipsy before your massage.

2. Sunbathe

This is hard to protect against on vacation, yet experts recommend spending the day-of her massage the end of direct sunlight to assist prevent sunburn. “Sunburn have the right to be really sensitive come touch. The last point you want to perform is have somebody rubbing your sunburnt skin,” explains Wilson.

3. Feeling ill

While girlfriend can’t control when her immune system fails you, it’s finest to cancel her massage if you’re emotion under the weather. “If you room sick or have an infection, massage may actually spread the epidemic to various other parts of your body,” warns John Tanner, a license is granted massage therapist in ~ the Spa at PGA National. “It is best for everybody if you cancel enabling at least 24 hours notice and reschedule because that a few days later on when you are healthier.”

4. Self-groom

There’s no reason to gain all gussied up before your massage. Together Valerie Cario, a “celebrity” massage therapist who deserve to be booked v the Massage-on-Demand app puts it, “no one cares about what her hair looks like. Yes sir absolutely no have to apologize for no having had actually a pedicure because that a couple of weeks.”

5. Shower

While your intentions might be in the ideal place, a hot shower before your massage is actually no recommended. “A hot rinse right prior to your massage can increase your circulation together well and your possibilities of sweating v the session. According to Wilson, “showering with heat water a few hours prior to your appointment is not just fine—it’s encouraged.”

So go ahead and book that vacation (or “staycation”) massage, simply put the champagne ~ above ice until it’s over.

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