The similarity in between the book and also the movie “Of Mice and Men” is many evident. Also so, there space a couple of differences, some insignificant and also other crucial. However, in the bulk of the scenes, the dialogs are taken literally native the book.

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The an initial difference appears in the advent of the film. The publication starts by relenten the bordering landscape that the Salinas Valley wherein Lennie and also George spend the night through the river. We discover that Lennie is mentally challenged and how this affected their continue to be at the farm where they formerly worked.

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The movie starts, however, by mirroring Lennie and also George escaping from this farm and their journey to Salinas Valley.

Another distinction that ns noticed is worrying Curley’s wife. In the publication there is a scene where Lennie, Candy and also Crooks are gathered in Crooks’ room. ~ a while, Curley’s mam emerges and the environment becomes unpleasant. Crooks find the ship to was standing up versus her, and also when the does, she verbally division him down.

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In the movie this scene never ever takes place, and by remove this incident Curley’s wife’s damaging nature stays unrevealed.

The scene where George is about to shoot Lennie is likewise different in the film than in the book. In the publication this illustration is long and George has a tough time shooting Lennie. I get the impression that George is hesitating and unsure if this is the right thing to do. In the film the scene is much shorter and George appears considerably much more secure .

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The movie ends through a scene wherein George and also Lennie work together ~ above the little farm that they where planning come buy. This is not in the publication at all.

Other scenes that were left the end in the movie:The scene wherein Lennie has actually hallucinations about a gigantic rabbit and his aunt Clara.

The step after George has killed Lennie. In the publication Slim comforts George by taking him because that a drink.

And the scene whereby Candy comes into the room once Lennie and Crooks aretalking around the tiny farm they are buying. In the film Crooks never ever finds out around the small farm.

In mine opinion both the film and also the publication has that is flaws. In the film some an important scenes space removed, but I assumed that the personalities in the movie were far better than in the book. In the book, I liked neither George no one Lennie. I obtained the impression that George was a sensitive and kind man. He always watched end Lennie and tried perform the ideal thing. In the movie George is everything he is in the book, however he is also a wise man who civilization can seek advice from. He has actually an inquisitive and also contemplating look about him. I additionally liked Lennie better in the movie. In the book he was simply a mentally tested character, but in the film he becomes a human with real feelings and also I recognize his action on an additional level.

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I think that this would be a better film if they had shortened it. It appears to me the the film is an unnecessarily prolonged version the the book. On the various other hand, taking to countless liberties as soon as adapting this contemporary classic into a film would certainly not be a smart point to do.. Also so, ns still think that the filmmakers should have actually left out part insignificant scenes. The story however, is brilliant; the irony in the finish where George kills Lennie the end of love, how the story is created of four major issues,(the value of dreams and also goals, moral responsibility, society injustice, and the shortcut of friendship and also loyalty,) and also how loneliness is among the key emotions. The story is brilliant and also genius, and also only an exceptional writer like John Stenbeck can develop a masterpiece choose this.

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